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    SPS Graduation Survey | A Graduation Requirement

    Hello all BHS Seniors | Class of 2021!

    High School & Beyond Plan You Can't Graduate Without One!

    Seniors, please refer to the information below on how to complete your High School & Beyond Plan on Naviance. In addition, all of the tasks are also on your homepage titled: Important To-Do’s and Tasks.

    Naviance is a comprehensive college, career and life readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. Please follow the information listed below to help you complete your High School & Beyond Plan. 

    The High School & Beyond Plan is a Washington State requirement which helps students set goals and plan for their future including a post high school career/college plan. Seattle Public Schools uses Naviance to support students in creating their High School Graduation Plan. You can't graduate without one!

    High School & Beyond Plan Requirements 

    There are three main tasks Seniors must complete in order to have MET the High School & Beyond graduation requirements. Please note: Some BHS Seniors have already MET the HS and Beyond requirement on the SPS transcript. However, all students should also follow these steps to complete these tasks through Naviance.

    Access Naviance

    From either the or the websites use the black drop down menu on the top of the site and select Students and Student Portal and log onto Clever with the Active Directory and select the green Naviance icon.

    Three Main Tasks

    1. Complete an Interest Inventory | Most Seniors have this completed | Complete either "Do What You Are" or "Strengths Explorer"

    2. Create OR upload a Resume | Most Seniors still need to complete this step | Create a Resume in Naviance using their template or upload your own using directions on the Counseling Schoology page.

    3. -> Complete a SPS Graduation Survey | All Seniors will take this survey | This survey is available on Naviance. You can also locate it under the “Important To-Do’s and Tasks“ section on students homepage.

    After competing all three steps, BHS Counselors will change senior transcripts to MET for the HS & Beyond Plan. Please let your Ballard HS Counselors know if you have any questions at all!


    Updated 5/13/2021