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    Attendance Contact Information

    Attendance Secretary: Alice March |
    Attendance Office: Located on the second floor across from the library.
    Hours: 7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Phone: 206-252-1009

    Early Dismissals need to be excused in advance.
    Send note/email with student by the morning of the day of the Early Dismissal.

    Early Dismissal FAQ

    To Excuse an Absence or Tardy: 
    Please send an email or a written note with your student to the Attendance Office with Attendance Information for Late Arrivals, and Absences within three school days.  

    Planned absences of 2 or more days must have the Pre-Arranged Absence Form completed.

    IMPORTANT! Absences cannot be excused by phone.


    BHS Attendance Information | BHS Attendance Policy pdf icon

    Students are expected to be in school and in class daily. A student is considered absent if they enter class after ten (10) minutes have elapsed. Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success – both here and in the "real" world. A large part of learning takes place during class discussions and participation. Many teachers use instructional methods that require student participation; if students are absent, they miss out on that learning.

    The depth of coverage of material in our courses requires active student engagement and participation. The failure to attend class prevents active student engagement. Consequently attendance is a necessary component of our classes and will be considered as a basis for grading in all courses.


    All absences to school are unexcused until the parent/guardian contacts the school by email or written note within three school days (72 hours). Absences need to be excused within three days of student returning from their absence. See more info below for a special form for absences planned of 2 or more days. Please Note: Absences cannot be excused by phone.

    Excused Absences

    • Participation in a school-approved activity (field trip), (auth in-bldg), (auth out-bldg)
    • Refer to the Attendance Policy for complete details for college visits.
    • Written request made by parent/guardian such as illness, health conditions or religious purposes.
    • Disciplinary actions or suspensions

    Unexcused Absences

    • Absences not authorized or excused from the above reasons


    • Students arriving late to school or class for any reason not described as an excused absence will be counted as unexcused tardy.
    • Tardies – are Unexcused for reasons of: Student or parent oversleeping, missing bus, transportation problems, babysitting or student job requirements.

    Attendance Procedures for Students

    Students, it is your responsibility to keep track of your attendance. Students may look on The SOURCE for current attendance information.

    You must excuse absences with a Written Parent Note or Parent E-mail within 72 hours (3 days). Absences cannot be excused by phone. If you will be gone on a pre-planned event, make sure you fill out a Pre-Arranged Absence Form and have teachers sign your form. The form must be completed and submitted at least three days prior to the absence. The form is for absences of at least 2 days (use a note for shorter absences).

    Pink Return Slip -  Pink Excused Absence Slips can be picked up at The Attendance Office, before or after school, at Break or Lunch.  Student’s with excused late arrivals can pick up their pass at the time of arrival, no other passes can be picked up during class time.

    Early Dismissal Slip - Early Dismissals Slips, please bring notes to The Attendance Office before school at Break or At Lunch, before the time of the Early Dismissal for a pass to leave early.

    Note from Teacher - If you come from another classroom with a note, show the note to the teacher and then bring the note to the Attendance Office. This ensures that your absences will be excused. Teachers can only mark Absent or Late in the attendance system. They cannot excuse the absentee late status, only the Attendance Office can do this.

    If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, you will be marked absent.