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    Clubs and Organizations 2019-20

    We at Ballard High School feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Therefore, a wide range of activities is provided. There are so many choices to help your student thrive at school, make new friends and engage with staff. Below is a listing of Clubs and Organizations for the School Year 2019-20. Please note: The Clubs and Organizations List options can change from year to year.

    Interested in starting a club? We have many clubs on campus and we are always looking to find more ways for students to get involved. An idea for a new club?

    2019-20 Contacts:
    BHS Clubs Coordinator: Jessie Anderson |
    BHS Activities Coordinator: Kevin Kendrick |

    APPLICATION FORM: New & Returning Clubs Application Form

    Clubs and Organizations For The 2019-2020 School Year

    3-D Games Club

    Student President: Max Krause -
    Advisor: April McKenna -
    Meetings: Tuesday, 3:40pm-5:00pm
    Location: SW100
    A club where students can play games of the 3D variety such as 3D chess, 3D checkers and others. A truly exciting club that all high schoolers should give a try.

    Advanced Physics, Gender Studies and Beyblades

    Student President: Perrin Myerson -
    Advisor: Timothy Stedman -
    Meets: Thursdays at lunch
    Location: NW204
    Learn how to become a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Discuss, learn and have fun with friends.

    Art Club

    Student President: Grace Sanderson -
    Advisor: Matthew Harkleroad –
    Meets: Every Wednesday at Lunch
    Location: SW110
    Art club is a place for any student that has a passion for art, or any student that would like a space to pursue creativity. At Art club, we can find opportunity to do art from observation, organizing group projects and supporting anyone who wants to create.

    Ballard Asian Student Society

    Student President: Wendy Zhang and Jedi Cho –
    Advisor: Ruth Kutrakun –
    Meets: Every other Tuesday after school
    Location: S203
    We have discussions about our shared heritage and current cultural developments as well as discussions over political situations in Asia.

    Ballard Debate Club

    Student President: Robert Miller and Lukas Ramakrishnan –
    Advisor: Shawn Lee -
    Meets: Thursday 3:45-4:45
    Location: S104
    Debate club is an engaging place to come and discuss raw, relevant social, political and economic issues and injustices in the world. Members will learn to speak confidently in front of their peers, think quickly on their feet and so much more.

    Ballard Think Tank

    Student Presidents: Nathan Dracobly and Karsten Obrietan -
    Advisor: Danielle Gleit -
    Location: SW204
    The Ballard think tank convenes 1 time a week to discuss a hard hitting topic during lunch with a new topic being discussed each week

    B.O.A.T. Club

    Student President: Maddy Bowles -
    Advisor: Lindi Wood -
    Meets: Wednesday Mornings, 8:15-8:40
    Location: Library
    B.O.A.T. (Ballard Outdoor Adventure Team) organizes fun adventures designed to help members develop a love for the great outdoors and build a sense of community.

    Calligraphy Club

    Student President: Maria Ordal -
    Advisor: Kaija Reinelt -
    Meeting: Every other Friday (first meeting nov. 1st)
    Location: NW218
    A space for people to take the time to learn calligraphy, take pretty notes, set up their bullet journal, learn to bullet journal and overall share their excitement for notes, calligraphy, stationary and bullet journaling with others.

    Chess Club

    Student Presidents: Jonathan Carroll-Madden and Arlo Breslauer -
    Advisor: TuesD Chambers -
    Meets: Tuesdays - After school 
    Location: SW200
    Snacks are provided! All players are welcome, regardless of ability. If you want to learn chess or just play, chess club is the club for you. We even have laser chess. (Other days are available, just shoot us an email and we can work something out)

    Club of Comedy

    Student President: Jack Fisher –
    Advisor: Robin Dowdy –
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: P104
    Club of Comedy is about watching, learning and performing stand-up comedy.

    Coed Uno Club

    Student Presidents: Jack Fleisher, Katrin Goedert, Kaya Edwards, Dayton Westmark –
    Advisor: Kelly Locklin –
    Meets: Wednesdays from 2:30 – 3:30
    Location: S103


    Student Presidents: Ellis Stock and Eliot Randall - 
    Advisor: Mary Jereczek -
    Meets: Wednesday after school
    Location: N101 or Library
    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Management in High schools and Colleges around the globe.



    Diabetic Student Union

    Student Presidents: Kaden Ripley -
    Advisor: Scott Cachopo -
    Meets: Wednesday 2:30-3:00
    Location: SW111
    To bring together the diabetics of Ballard High School and their friends for some positive interactions about different experiences with the disease.

    Dungeons and Dragons

    Student President: Daniel Pierce -
    Advisor: Scott Gross -
    Meets: Wednesdays 3-5pm (possibly 2:20pm)
    Location: N104
    A fantasy roleplaying game – Members will play as a set character and complete campaigns.

    Earth Service Corps

    Student President: Ella Kirwan -
    Advisor: Noam Gundle -
    Meets: Thursday during 1 st and 2 nd lunch
    Location: 2 nd lunch – NW216, 1 st lunch –
    Earth Service Corps is a club dedicated to helping the environment. We work on projects like making reusable cloth bags, hosting park and beach clean ups, working on Ballard’s native plant garden, composting and creating school wide Earth themed spirit week every year. Anyone interested in protecting the Earth is welcome!


    Student President: Nicole Thomas –
    Advisor: Marcia Lalonde –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: N220
    Fashion Club will create fashion illustrations, talk about fashion, learn about job opportunities and go on field trips related to fashion and trends.


    Student President: Owen McCabe –
    Advisor: Marcia Lalonde –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: N220
    FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for both at home and in the workplace. Meetings will include improving professionalism and fun activities related to Family and Consumer Science classes.

    Feminist Club

    Student President: Isabella Crone-Baron –
    Advisor: April McKenna –
    Meets: Mondays after school
    Location: SW100
    Feminist club is a group focused on taking on social justice issues, particularly those regarding issues of gender inequality, sexual harassment/assault and other women’s rights issues.

    Filipino Club

    Student President: Mark Summer -
    Advisor: Joseph Subido -
    Meets: Wednesdays in the morning or the afternoon
    Location: Commons
    The Ballard High Filipino club is a community that anyone can join and learn about Filipino culture, meet new people and have a great time!

    Film Club

    Student President: Sebastian Zufelt –
    Advisor: Steven Bradford –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: N225
    Film club has film screenings and discussions. Prepare to broaden your knowledge of film! We are also looking to have guest speakers from within the industry.

    FLUSH Club

    Student President: Jude Hodgson -
    Advisor: Joe Schmidt -
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: Library
    Meeting: Monday afternoon
    Health, lifestyle, and wellness club as it relates to the digestive system. Weekly meetings and educational guests and group activities.

    French Club

    Student President: Julia Lewiclei -
    Advisor: Annaick Sturgeon -
    Meets: First Wednesday of every month
    Location: S207

    We will learn about French culture by doing things like making crepes, eating brignets, and buche de noels and many more

    Girls Who Code

    Student President: Ella Kirwan –
    Advisor: Jim Verhaeghe –
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: N112
    If you’re a girl interested in STEM, Girls Who Code is the perfect club for you. We work on computer science projects, host different speakers and do outreach in the community to help build girls coding skills, and confidence in STEM environments.

    Girls Who Fish

    Student Presidents: Zoe Freeman and Clara Fletcher –
    Advisor: Eric Blazevic –
    Meets: Tuesdays or Thursdays
    Location: Hutchins room
    Girls Who Fish Club is devoted to representing/ empowering women in fields they usually are neglected from, and also educating people on the fishing industry and ecology.

    Generic Computing Club

    Student President: Ransom Miller –
    Advisor: Jim Verhaeghe –
    Meets: Tuesdays 3:35-5:00
    Location: N112
    Build a game, app or website in a project-oriented environment. All experience levels welcome. We will have a finished product by the end of the year, which members are able to include in their portfolio.

    Global Current Events Club

    Student President: Josie Dolan-Edmondson –
    Advisor: Carol Faust –
    Location: S101 (Mrs.Faust’s room)
    Meeting: During lunch on Fridays
    In global current events club, we discuss news that stands out from around the world, from climate change to the release of a new album. Each week of the school year we will focus on and learn about a different country, and snacks from that country will be provided.

    GSA – Gay Straight Alliance

    Student President: Gavin Eachus –
    Advisor: Mrs. Schmider –
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: S202
    GSA will support and raise awareness for our BHS and Seattle school’s LGBT community.

    Hacky Sack Club

    Student President: Connor Gizinski –
    Advisor: Mr. Stedman –
    Meets: TBD – depends on the weather
    Location: On the field or local parks We will play hacky sack and learn new tricks.

    History Club

    Student President: Aneesa Roidad –
    Advisor: Robin Dowdy –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    History Club is a place where students build their skills in historical analysis, research, collaboration, and presentation by making a project for the National History Day Competition. By understanding the past, History Club members are ready to change the future! 

    Ink Club

    Student President: Nora Allen –
    Advisor: Mr. Macdougall –
    Meets: Thursdays 3:45
    Location: SW 105
    Ink club is an arts and literature club that supports artists and writers in the club while also accepting submissions from all BHS students for publishing in the yearly INK journal. The club also helps plan the Spilled Ink events at the Ballard Public Library.

    Japanese Club

    Student President: Bailey Black –
    Advisor: Sachiko Smith –
    Meets: Fridays 3:45-5:00
    Location: S204
    You do not need to be able to speak Japanese to participate. Club members take part in various Japanese cultural and linguistic activities including cooking, arts and crafts, games and movies.

    Jewish Student Union

    Student President: Perrin Myerson and Maggie DeLeon -
    Advisor: Jack Thompson -
    Meetings: Wednesday after school
    Location: Thompson room S106
    A club dedicated to uniting Jewish students and their allies through fun, games and education.

    Key Club

    Student President: Hannah Weaver –
    Advisor: Oana Rus –
    Meets: Tuesdays during lunch
    Location: 1 st lunch – N101 2 nd lunch – SW202
    We plan and run service-learning events’ such as the in-school Blood Drive and various fundraisers for local and international charities; while also volunteering at outside organizations.

    Latinx Student Union

    Student President: Arioma Santo Enriquez –
    Advisor: Leti Bravo –
    Meets: Mondays
    Location: S200
    The goal of the Latin Student Union is to promote the education and cultural representation of Latino students at BHS. We work to create community support as well as address social justice and educational issues. We have guest speakers, watch movies and participate in culturally relevant events and community service activities.

    Magic: The Gathering

    Student President: Edwin Seri -
    Advisor: Westin Pentecost –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: SW200
    We will play Magic: The Gathering and other collectible card games. Decks not required.

    Model United Nations

    Student President: Cameron Donnelly -, Helen Liska -
    Ransom Miller –
    Advisor: Jack Thompson –
    Meets: Mondays 3:45-4:45
    Location: S106
    Discuss foreign policy in a formal environment while playing the role of a delegate to the United Nations. Learn public speaking skills and global politics while attending conferences.

    Mountain Bike

    Student President: Jessica Darlington –
    Advisor: John Foster –
    Meets: Wednesdays after school and Saturday mornings
    Location: Woodland Park
    We practice every Wednesday at Woodland Park and ever Saturday morning we ride a different trail around the state.

    Multiracial Student Union

    Student President: Maria Ordal + Eliot Lee -
    Advisor: Carol Faust -
    Meeting: Every other Friday
    Location: S101
    A space for multiracial students to talk about our common experiences and meet new people.

    Muslim Student Association

    Student President: Isra Ismail –
    Advisor: Kira Franz-Knight –
    Meets: Wednesdays after school
    Location: S105
    The Muslim Student Association is a place where students of all backgrounds come together to discuss issues Muslim’s face at Ballard and in the world. It is a place where Muslims can come together and feel welcome.

    Outdoor Club

    Student President: Karsten Obrietan -
    Advisor: John Foster -
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: NW205

    This club is for anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors

    Philosophy and Ethics

    Student President: Ben Jakupcak –
    Advisor: Kristin Storey –
    Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:45-5:00
    Location: SW104
    A world view changing experience with topics of discussion decided by members. We participate in the Washington State Ethics Bowl each February, providing opportunities to voice your solutions to the world’s problems. No matter your beliefs or interests there will be something here that engages you.

    Ping Pong Club

    Student President: Benny Scott –
    Advisor: Ensign –
    Meets: Wednesdays 2:20-3:30
    Location: AC
    This club is for people of all skill levels who love to play both competitive and recreational ping pong.

    Plant Club

    Student President: Astrid Jolley –
    Advisor: India Carlson –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: NW203
    Plant club focuses on cultivation, propagation and overall care of all plant varieties.

    Polynesian Club

    Student President: Shayenne Ta’ase –
    Advisor: Sailau Tuitele –
    Meets: Mondays and Thursdays
    Location: Varies – gym, halls, commons or Ms.Carlson’s room
    Represent Polynesian culture, learn about Polynesian culture and practice Polynesian culture, by doing dances and celebrating/ meeting with poly food and all member coming together.

    Pre-med Club

    Student President: Mollie Buchinger –
    Advisor: Penny Pagels –
    Location: NW200
    Meeting: TBD – likely during 2nd lunch on Thursdays
    A fun way for kids who have similar interests in the future to get together and build community. 

    Psychology Club

    Student President: Indra Greenberg –
    Advisor: Ms. Spencer –
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Come meet with us to discuss your dreams, learn about psychological conditions and how our brains work.

    Sailing Team

    Student President: Erik Anderson –
    Advisor: John Foster –
    Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 pm
    Location: Corinthian yacht club Seattle
    We race small, 2 person sailboats against local High schools around Washington. We welcome new sailors and help them to improve their skills.

    SLAM Club (students learning about mental health)

    Student Presidents: Jessie Anderson and Alexis Johnson –
    Advisor: Chelsea Clark –
    Meets: Tuesdays after school at 3:35
    Location: THC conference room
    This club is a student group that presents at schools around Seattle, educating students about mental health awareness and resources. We also do events at Ballard, like chalk projects and so much more!

    South Paw Club

    Student President: Sven Nilsson –
    Advisor: Robin Dowdy –
    Location: P104
    Meeting: Wednesday
    We are the schools left-handed club. In order to ensure left-handed infrastructure, promote understanding of what left handedness means, and just generally enjoy being south paw, we invest our time to this club, and hope you do as well. 



    Spanish Club/ Club de Español

    Student President: Zoe Bumstead and Diego Salazar –
    Advisor: Vanesa Lopez-Madrid –
    Meets: Every Tuesday after school until 4:30
    Location: S201
    Spanish club is learning about Hispanic culture through fun community building activities. There will be snacks, fun games, dancing and music (we are an all-inclusive club),

    Spike Ball club

    Student President: Jonas Soerensen –
    Advisor: Timothy Stedmen –
    Meets: Mondays
    Location: Cafeteria
    Spike ball is a competitive partner-based ball sport, similar to volleyball or badminton. This club is all about getting people together to play and improve their skills. All levels of ability are welcome, even if you have no idea how to play the game!

    STAR (Students and Teachers Against Racism) Club

    Student President: Dhani Srinivasan + Aneesa Roidad -
    Advisor: Taryn Coe -
    Meets: 1st lunch - P105
    Location: Wednesdays at lunch

    STAR club works to combat racism within Ballard High school. We create content to present to students, help plan MLK assemblies and hold discussions on school and national issues pertaining to race.

    Stock Talk

    Student President: Nathan Dracobly –
    Advisor: Danielle Gleit –
    Meets: 2 nd lunch on Monday or Friday
    Location: SW204
    We will discuss trade policy, politics or anything that affects the broader market.

    Tetris Club

    Student Presidents: Hayden King, Oscar Hoekmon, Sam Kirwan, Samara Bunn-Hartman –
    Advisor: Jack Thompson –
    Meets: Wednesdays 2:20 – 3:45
    Location: S106
    Tetris club is a club for playing Tetris and chatting with Mr. Thompson occasionally. We also have discussions and help each other with homework.

    Viking Robotics

    Student President: Ransom Miller –
    Advisor: Joe Schmidt –
    Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8pm
    Locations: NW204
    Bolster your college resume while learning to fund, program, design and build a robot on a world champion team. No experience is required to join. Feel free to stop by any time!