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    Mock Elections In BHS Students Social Studies Classes
    Posted on 10/05/2018
    Mock Election artworkBallard High is piloting an all school mock election this fall on 4 "real" ballot initiatives and the Cantwell/Hutchison Senate race. This is exciting stuff and it may be the largest mock election in school district history! King County Elections is publishing over 2000 Official BHS Voter's Pamphlets that will mirror the "real" pamphlets parents/citizens received on about 10/15. The pamphlet will help guide students through the learning process so they can vote wisely on 11/6 in their social studies classes. The initiatives are below. Legislators Carlyle, Tarleton, and Frame, along with some SPS notables will be “observing” kids vote on November 6. Parents are encouraged to discuss the initiatives and help their kids learn how to vote!!! (click for parent interview assignment) 

    More information on this district wide initiative is available at

    Links to the measures and the Senate race:
    Initiative Measure No. 1634 - Washington Taxes on Groceries Initiative

    Initiative Measure No. 1631 - “ The Carbon Tax” - Carbon Emissions Fee and Revenue Allocation Initiative

    Initiative Measure 940 - “Police De-Escalation Initiative”

    Initiative Measure 1639 - “Gun Control Measure”

    Senate race – Cantwell vs. Hutchison