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    BALLARD HIGH SCHOOL | AP Photography/Digital AP 2-D


    AP Photography and Digital AP 2-D Summer Assignment PDF Icon

    During the first week of school, the course is outlined to the students. The course is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art and wish to develop mastery in the concept, composition, and execution of their ideas. AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam; instead, students submit portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year.

    The individual sections of each portfolio—Quality, Concentration and Breadth—are discussed in detail. We will look through samples of portfolios and go over the requirements in detail as we review slide examples from both the College Board and past students’ work that correspond to each section of the portfolio.

    The Quality section consists of five actual works from the Breadth or Concentration sections, which meet the portfolio size requirement of submission.

    Students will develop a body of work for the Concentration section of the portfolio that investigates an idea of personal interest to them. The Concentration section is a planned investigation of an idea of personal interest to the student. In this section you will develop a body of work that grows from this investigation. Students will submit 12 pieces for this section.

    In the Breadth section, students must document their experience with a variety of concept and approaches that demonstrate their ability and versatility with techniques, problem solving and ideation.

    Once school begins in the fall, we will go over the syllabus for the year.

    Semester 1: Focuses on:
    Working on your Breadth Pieces, Art Movements, artist bios, biweekly rolls of film, in class projects and critiques.

    Semester 2: Focuses on:
    Focuses on continuing with Breadth pieces, your Concentration pieces, your Quality pieces