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    The Ballard High School PTSA Board Needs You For the 2018-19 School Year!
    Posted on 10/02/2018
    PTSA Volunteers NeededBallard High School relies heavily on parent volunteers to help BHS provide the best possible experience and opportunities for its students. It takes incredible infrastructure, coordination and orchestration not just from the students, teachers, and administrators, but tremendous support from the parent community as well.

    One easy way for parents to become involved in the school is through the PTSA both in Membership and being on the board. Our mission is to help enable an excellent educational environment for your children. 

    View a list of current PTSA openings. Please note that there may be more open and Co-Positions (great option to learn as you go and work with another BHS parent!) than what we have listed for the school year, please feel free to add your name to the form included in the page by selecting "interested in learning more" to start a conversation about any of the needs the PTSA will have this year.  View this PTSA HANDOUT for more details.

    As the saying goes, it takes a thank you in advance for your support of BHS.  It's always great to be a beaver!


    Be sure to check out our BHS PTSA Current Volunteer Immediate Needs page for short ways to help out!