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    AP Exam Regsistration

    AP Registration Closed On Nov 2, 2020

    AP Exam Registration is now closed. BHS Students must have registered and paid for their exams by November 2, 2020. Students must be currently enrolled in an AP class at Ballard High School to register for the corresponding AP test. Registrations that are not paid by Nov 2, 2020 will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.

    Testing Options

    At this time, the expectation of the CollegeBoard is to have students test in-person, and there is not an option for online exams. The CollegeBoard may decide later to offer an online testing option, but we have no information about that at this time.

    As you know, Seattle Public Schools are operating 100% remote right now, and we do not know if SPS will be open for in-person learning when tests are administered in May. If we are not open, and the CollegeBoard does not offer an online option, students will likely not be able to take the AP Exams.

    Follow These Steps to Register for AP Exams

    1) SIGN IN & ENROLL | Sign in to and enroll in your AP class sections using the unique join code provided by your AP teachers. Students must create a CollegeBoard account if they have not already done so. Please Note: The join codes were provided to students during first couple weeks of school by each AP teacher. They can also be provided on schoology pages. Students may need to ask their teachers for the join codes if they don't have them.

    2) CONFIRM YOUR AP REGISTRATION | For each exam, confirm your exam registration status before Nov 2 by selecting YES.

    3) PAY FOR AP EXAMS | Make payment via SchoolPay on a Parent Source Account before Nov 2, 2020. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records.


    • The standard exam fee is $102.00.

    • Students who cancel an exam BEFORE March 1 will receive a FULL refund.

    • Students who cancel an exam AFTER March 1 will be eligible for a refund less a $40 per exam fee.

    • Students who have qualified for Free and Reduced Lunch will need to provide proof of eligibility by contacting BHS Fiscal Specialist Ms. Kazanjian at before November 2 for fee waivers.

    • Students who do not qualify for FRL but need financial assistance, please contact BHS Testing Coordinator, Mr. Broom at

    Refer to the CollegeBoard website for AP Exam days and times.  

    BHS AP Exam Contact Mr. Broom | | 206-252-1107.