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    TuesD & Lindi Photo

    Welcome to What's New! in the Ballard High School Library

    Check out the current issue of the SPS Library Newsletter to see what is happening at libraries all over the SPS District! 

    Don't miss any upcoming BHS library events by viewing the updates on the library calendar. Teacher Librarian TuesD Chambers and Lindi Woods  



    Photo Grid of library and Donut Forget To Read

    We are holding Summer Beaver Reader hours on July 10th and 24th from 10:30-12:30 to pick up new books, play in our Makerspace, and eat yummy donuts!

    Check out our awesome independent reading lists for the summer!

    1. Incoming 9th Grade Independent Reading List

    2. 10th-12th Grade Independent Reading List  


    The Ballard Library is so pleased to honor students who have become literacy champions for our Ballard community.

    Lily Grey and Nell Baker Literary ChampionsWe nominated Lily Grey Rudge who has encouraged literacy and started a Beaver Reader Book Club that includes Principal Wynkoop. We also nominated Nell Baker who created a book club with team captains at our school to talk about rape, sexual assault, and the power of consent.

    Please congratulate our literacy champions.  


    Ballard High School Library is all about games and joy!
    BHS Library students playing games

    BHS students love active play. This week in the library Ms. Wood and students made kumihimo braids and celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Month. Games like chess and puzzles have been popular as we continue to work to gamify our library. Please consider donating any games and joining us in play with this link: Game Donations to BHS Library We are ending the year creating community with games in our library to relieve stress, create community, and to encourage active learning. We are always looking to add more to our collection. If anyone has card games or board games to donate we are very interested! Please drop them off in the office or the library and we promise to play them again and again.

    The Ballard High School Library continues to transform even in the last eight weeks of school.

    We are genrefying our books so they are even easier to find. The 3D Printing Committee is building a second 3D Printer and we are makers this May with buttons, K'nex, and 3D Doodle pens. Stop to see all of the exciting changes in our library.

    May the 4th Be With You- Ballard students use the library for so many reasons.Students putting puzzles together in the library

    Students come to the space to print, work on computers, study, check out books, hang with friends and sometimes to play Would You Rather (Star Wars Edition) and Star Wars MadLibs. Everyone is always invited to the library and if you time it right you just might be there for a program or activity that continues to bring our community together. Stop by the library to find out how we are celebrating We Make May in our Makerspace and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

    THANK YOU BHS FAMILIES For Sending In Your
    Library Love Letters And Supporting All SPS Librarians!Library Love Letters Magazine Cover with alphabet April 2019

    View the amazing Library Love Letters Magazine, Issue 1 - APRIL 2019 by Teacher-Librarian Abby Levin at Cedar Park Elementary.
    Included in this issue are letters from Ballard High School students including a drawing
    of our own Teacher-Librarian TuesD Chambers! ❤


    Mr Wynkoop and Asst Principals Ms Guillory and Ms Roesener with Mustaches for the Reading challengeStudents with books wearing Mustaches for the reading challenge

    The Ballard High School Library has been humming with activity morning, noon, and night. We have spent the week highlighting student's success with the Student of the Quarter celebration organized by Ms. Burr, participated in Beaver Reader Book Clubs atMr Wynkoop with students in Beaver Reader Club lunch, and organized staff workshops with the 3D Printer and Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets after school.

    Every square inch, every minute is being used for instruction and learning.

    Stop by the library to see all the incredible work being done!

    AP Spanish Students and an overhead about escape roomsStudents doing VR in the BHS Library

    | We are competing with middle and high schools3 Students around a table working on a puzzle in the library across the district to finish as many PUZZLES as possible by the end of the year. We complete puzzles, note the time it took, send it to the next school, and continue to finish puzzles as quickly as possible.

    We get a trophy and a donut party if we win so come to the library to get your puzzle on!

    The Ballard Library is transforming before our very eyes!
    Our beloved bookmobile is being redone by Mr. Connolly's robotics students which showcases great engineering AND a love of reading. The district has updated our lights to be more efficient and they even have dimmers. The 3D Printing Committee has annexed a desk to create a space to meet the 3D printing needs of the community and our workspace is now our Makerspace where Lindi Wood regularly offers "It's Sew Fun" workshops to teach kids to sew and create. A huge thank you to the Ballard community for generously supporting this transformation.

    STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math that is!
    We have made binary bracelets in honor of Ada Lovelace and Women’s History Month. We made a guitar out of cardboard and coins with Makey Makeys. We artistically 3D printed our Ballard Beaver mascot and spent3 D Printer Beaver Block time in Virtual Reality teaching students about the Holocaust and Manchu Pichu.

    Stop by the library to see all the ways students are showing their creativity and experiencing the world!  


    Feb Library Events Photo of booksFollow Your Heart Into A Great Book ! We encourage everyone to read a book, snap a photo of yourself reading & the heart hand signal and send to Ms. Chambers at  Visit the Follow Your Heart Blog for more info! #HeartGreatBook  

    The more we follow our hearts into a great book the better !

    Library Photo CollageThe Library was a hub of activity as we hosted the SPS Taste of Making Makerspace Expo. We partnered with Pacific Science Center, Seattle Public Library, and Seattle School District librarians to create an incredible event of tinkering, inventing, and making as staff members were taught different ways to show evidence of learning by Ballard High School's computer science students. The students at each station taught creative problem-solving in collaborative environments and every person who left that day was dazzled by the self-directed learning and thoughtfulness of our students.

    The Library has caught a fever- The Rubik's Cube Fever! Nobody is having more fun than students in the Ballard High School Library! We are spending our Thursdays playing virtual reality, at lunch we are solving Rubik's Cubes, we take SPS Great Puzzle breaks, and use our Makerspace for tinker time and classwork. We invite all students and families to be part of the library. Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun! Students with Rubic CubeRubics CubesPlease consider joining us in this fever by donating any Rubik's cubes you might have at home or going to Amazon and with one click sending cubes to Ballard High School.
    Ballard HS Makerspace Wishlist Link: We want everyone to catch this Rubik's Cube passion- like a fever! 

    CONGRATULATIONS!Mr Wynkoop with BHS Librarian Ballard High School Library is excited to share that Mr. Wynkoop has won Principal of the Year for Washington State Libraries! Mr. Wynkoop's unwavering commitment to literacy and the library is evidence in the countless hours he spends in staff and student book clubs and the funding he provides for literacy and resources. His support of new technology (VR and AI) in recognition of the changing landscape of learning is profound and his co-leadership in the Digital Learning Instructional Innovation Cohort is noted and admired. We appreciate everything Mr. Wynkoop does to make the Ballard High School library the place we all want to be. Mr Wynkoop attended the awards event with Eagle Staff Middle School Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop and Ballard HS Librarian TueD Chambers.

    We are excited to be part of a strong community of Beaver Pride We spent our week trying Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets, playing with our new Lego Wall, displaying work from the Spanish club for Hispanic Heritage Month, and inspiring students to get Beaver Reader headbands for homecoming.  

    We pride ourselves on the fact that...
    our library is where ALL Beavers belong!

    Libary Photo of Screen & BookcasesLibrary Book photoTueD & LindiMr W photo in library

    We have been busy busy - and we are just getting started!

    TuesD LibrarianIt is not unusual to see four different classes using the library space for teaching and learning in one given period. Students have spent this week getting orientated to the library, learning about research skills, finding great books, and recording themselves on Flipgrid (students have ID to log on) to earn a Beaver Reader Headband! Please encourage your child to read fantastic stories and share them with our Ballard community with a 1 minute and 30 second video on Flipgrid. We want to get to know all of our Beaver Readers! The Beaver Book Club has started meeting on first Fridays and first lunch is reading Born a Crime and the second lunch is deciding between three books. 

    Watch what is going on in the Ballard HS library!


    We Won! Beaver Community!

    I am thrilled to announce that we won the $100,000 grant award from Farmer's Insurance 2017-2018! The award was unveiled at a faux assembly for 9th graders in 2017 where Ms. Chambers was surprised by her family, district officials and representatives from Farmer's Insurance.  View Video! Structural work will take place and equipment will be received sometime in 2018 and we anticipate the Learning Commons being 100% transformed during the 2019-20 school year. Thank you to every one who voted! Our community is the best and it is so, so clear that it is Always Great to be a Beaver!!   Keven Wynkoop


    We LOVE Volunteers in the library! Help shelve/repair books or more.
    We need you! Email TuesD

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