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    SPS and BHS Scholarship Bulletins

    Review both the published SPS Seattle Public Schools Scholarship Bulletin link and the BHS Bulletin Scholarship opportunities listed on this page. Students also be sure to check the Career and College Opportunities Bulletin Board in the school hallway outside the Counseling Center. Please check back OFTEN to this page for the most current scholarship information.


    NEW! Cascade Warbirds has teamed with Galvin Flight Training at Boeing Field, Seattle, WA, to provide the scholarship recipient with tuition, books and supplies, and two introductory instructional flights. The ground school portion comprises classroom lectures, visual presentations, group discussions, practical exercises, and field trips over a period of approximately 55 hours. Classes generally meet two weeknights per week for two and one-half hours and one Saturday per week for four hours over a period of six weeks. Successful completion of this Private Pilot Ground School will qualify the student to take the FAA’s Private Pilot Written Exam.  This award also includes two instructional flights in a light aircraft, the make and model of which will be matched to the student. The first flight will occur part way through the ground school, based on the instructor’s recommendation, and the second flight will occur after the successful completion of the ground school course. Each flight will include a pre-flight briefing, actual taxi and runway procedures, introduction to radio communications, the take-off, a series of in-flight maneuvers, the return and landing, and post-flight procedures. These two flights will be logged in the student’s personal logbook and count toward the minimum flight time required to earn a Private Pilot license. This scholarship is available for students between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of award. This scholarship is valued at $1,125 and a minimum of ten awards will be made.  APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE

    Hallway College Board with posters $2500 Scholarship from Cirkled In 8th – 12th Grade. | It’s an easy scholarship to apply for, with no income bracket requirements, no minimum GPA, and no lengthy essay to write. Students can use it for any educational need, such as college tuition (4 year, 2 year, or trade school), books and supplies, even transportation if necessary by Dec 31.  It’s free to apply. It’s open to all high school grades, not just the seniors. The website to apply is:

     SPS Bulletin


    BHS Bulletin

    Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation for 2018-2019 is offering five, $10,000 scholarships. Selection is based on a young woman’s character, scholarship, and achievements related to her school and community that are above and beyond her school’s requirement for community service to graduate Applications will be accepted from November 1, 2018 – February 25, 2019. Applications are available online at under the search name Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation.

    Seniors who are applying to U of W and are interested in engineering may want to consider the STARS program.   Why? U of W’s engineering program is now "Direct to College." Students who have identified engineering and are accepted, are admitted “freshman direct” to that program, as well. However, sometimes a student’s transcript may not show their aptitude for STEM coursework coming in as a freshman. They may be accepted to UW, but not accepted “freshman direct” to the College of Engineering.  What? The STARS program offers an alternative route to receiving a degree in engineering. This program puts them into a cohort of classes that would allow them to get into their engineering program of choice after they finish the 2 year program. Note – student must be eligible for financial aid (preference for Husky Promise, Pell Grant, and State Need Grant recipients). The early application deadline for this program is coming up on December 21, and the normal deadline is next year on March 31st 2019, which is right after our decision letters will be going out (March 1st-15th).  Here is a link for more information on the program:


    Visit the Ballard HS College Visits page for on-site Ballard HS College Visits as well as upcoming College fairs and events. 
    Visit the SPS Website > College Preparation Events for a list of events happening for Seniors.

    Paying For Collage & FAFSA Application Info
     | Keep up to date with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.   
    The Parent's Guide to Completing The FAFSA - This guide helps families walk through step by step completing the FAFSA.

    Tufts Blogs and Activity List Tips on making your Application better.

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