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    Scholarship Bulletin and Notices

    Review the published Seattle Public Schools Scholarship Bulletin opportunities as well as the posted scholarship information listed below. Students remember to check out the Career and College Opportunities Bulletin Board in the school hallway outside the Counseling Center and visit this page OFTEN for the most current scholarship information.

    SPS Scholarship Bulletin

    The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Bulletin shows scholarships with upcoming due dates. A full comprehensive scholarship list, with due dates beyond, can be found on Naviance: An Online College and Career Planning Tool.


    Scholarship Notices

    Please contact Helen Maynard the Ballard HS College Career Specialist for any questions or to pick up an application for some of the below listed scholarships. 

    Student Scholarships Website - July & August 

    Students Pursuing Nursing Degrees?   Visit Mometrix at


    Read a great article in NY Times, “Before Deciding on a College, Examine Financial Offer Closely.” 

    Visit the Ballard HS College Visits page for on-site Ballard HS College Visits as well as College fairs and events.

    Visit the SPS Website > College Preparation Events for a list of events happening for Seniors.

    Paying For Collage & FAFSA Application Info | Keep up to date with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.   
    The Parent's Guide to Completing The FAFSA - This guide helps families walk through step by step completing the FAFSA.

    Tufts Blogs and Activity List Tips on making your Application better.

    Disclaimer: BHS only shares these postings and does not endorse any of these businesses.