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    What exactly is the Athletic Booster Club?

    The Ballard High School Athletic Booster Club (BHS ABC) is a group of parents and staff that supports the student-athletes and athletic programs at Ballard High School. We support athletic programs by providing administrative, communication, and bookkeeping services; we promote BHS sporting event attendance, school spirit, and camaraderie for all Beavers; and we advocate for BHS Athletics in the surrounding community.

    What does the ABC do?

    The ABC Board meets monthly with the Athletic Director to make sure that our efforts align with BHS Athletics values and goals. One of our most important jobs is maintaining financial records and managing bank accounts for all BHS sports teams, so that coaches and team parents are not also required to be bookkeepers. 
    We also:
     - Pay for and maintain the Ballard Athletics Booster Club website
     - Pay for, produce, and distribute the newsletter
     - Produce and sell Beaver Gear and Ballard Duffle Bags!
     - Host the Ballard Athletics Blast fundraiser
     - Purchase fun Beaver Swag for giveaways at select sporting events
     - Give $3000 to the end-of-year Beaver Nation Athletic Awards Night
     - Pay an annual percentage of the Strength and Conditioning coach's salary
     - Provide grants to the Athletic Director for special projects that benefit BHS Athletics

    I want to support BHS athletes! What can I do?

     - Become a member of the ABC! Membership fees help cover our costs and keep the ABC strong.
     - Consider joining the ABC board -- read about open positions below.
     - Become a team parent, or offer to help your existing team parent -- volunteering to help out with a team's administrative, fundraising, or communications tasks means that the coach has more time to focus on his or her athletes.
     - Buy and wear Beaver Gear, especially when you are out supporting our Beavers at sporting events.
     - Plan on attending the various social and fundraising events we host throughout the school year. Help us build community while we celebrate our athletes!

    CLICK HERE to leave the BHS site and go to the Athletic Booster Club (ABC) Website