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    Ballard High School

    Ballard High School is a proud community of learners that is supported by a passionate group of parents and alumni to provide a rigorous education for all of our students.

    We believe strongly that engaging students in school through academies, pathways, performing arts, athletics & activities increases their learning opportunities.  Simply stated, students who get involved at Ballard High School, perform better at Ballard High School.

    There are countless ways to get involved at BHS. Here are a few places to start:

    Ballard also offers a wide variety of rigorous and engaging Advanced Placement Courses, UW in the High School Courses, Running Start and CTE courses to challenge students and prepare them for college and life. More information is available on the Academics Overview.

    Our Mission

    "Ballard HS is an inclusive, supportive community that cultivates a tradition of excellence for all students." ~adopted May, 2008

    Our Motto

    "To Honor Thee We Trophies Bring"

    Our Vision

    • All students will develop positive relationships with adults and students at Ballard High School through academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities.
    • All students will receive support – academic, social, cultural – in order to take on the challenges they will face, including college, career, and other endeavors.
    • All students and families will join with Ballard High School to engage as partners in supporting and strengthening the school and greater community.
    • All students will develop individual strengths, achieve academic excellence, and be recognized for their successes.

    Our Mural

    Finished Painted Mural
    More Info On Mural Layout, Details And Drawings Explained

    Ballard students were inspired to create a mural that embraces and celebrates diversity within our school. The mural came about from conversations that started during BHS Race and Equity meetings during the 2018-19 school year. Students expressed that one way to create a welcoming environment is through art on our school walls. Students suggested that a mural project could celebrate and honor the diverse community at Ballard High School. From this initial idea the project progressed, and students and staff then proposed a grant request to the PTSA to obtain the needed funding. With funding in place, Urban Artworks was contracted to work with students by providing a collaborating artist, Mari Shibuya to facilitate the design and creation of the mural.

    In mid-August of 2019 students met with Mari to start planning the mural. Through the expert facilitation of Mari students arrived at the final design to include representation and celebration from many cultures. The mural was painted over 4 days in a massive group effort that included students, teachers, Urban Artworks artists, and community members. The hope for the mural is that it inspires curiosity and celebration of the rich cultural history of our community. View the completed mural on the 2nd floor at the top of the stairwell across from the BHS Library.

    Students looking at the mural on the wall on the 2nd floor above stairwell


    Mural Details

    Mural Contributors 

    Mural Photo Gallery


    "Great message and beautiful images featured throughout and it even features a Beaver alum (Silme Domingo)!" ~ Principal Keven Wynkoop

    Our History

    Contact Us

    Ballard High School
    1418 NW 65th St
    Seattle, WA 98117
    Main Office: 206-252-1000
    Fax: 206-252-1001


    Principal Keven Wynkoop

    Principal Keven Wynkoop
    Komo News Video

    Assistant Principals
    Elizabeth Guillory A-F

    Carrie Burr G-N

    Laura Roesener O-Z

    "It's Always Great to Be a Beaver!"

    Staff Directory


    Sonja Petersen | A - Ci

    Sarah Bowman | Cj - Han

    Tom Kramer | Hao - Mci
    Head Counselor

    Gail Olson-Laing | Mcj - Sch

    Leti Bravo | Sci - Z

    Katie Huguenin
    Counseling Dept. Tasks/Projects

    Counseling Secretary
    Carol Bristol

    School Nurse 
    Annette Cologna
    206-252-1007 or Fax 743-3106

    Kim Nickerson

    Administrative Secretary
    Cindy Peterson

    Athletic Secretary
    Rayna Bauer

    BHS Website Editors
    Mark Falconer
    Diane Taylor | We love feedback!

    Additional Resources

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    BHS Course Catalog 
    Ballard HS Profile 2019-20

    2019-20 Bell Schedules

    Start and End Time:
    8:45 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.

    Early Release Wednesday:
    8:45 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.

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