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    Eric's Heroes KOMO News | Nov 2016
    Posted on 01/01/2019
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    Eric's Heroes: Ballard HS Principal Keven Wynkoop

    SEATTLE Nov 9, 2016 -- So often we tend to focus disproportionately on what is wrong with our public schools, instead of what is right. We tell you about the occasional failures, but neglect to inform about the multitude of little miracles. The truth is, there are thousands of heroes working in the trenches every morning to make our schools better.

    So, please allow me to send you to the principal’s office to meet a man who is inspiring kids and getting results where it really counts: in our public schools, with the people who will take what we leave behind and forge it into a future. His name is Keven Wynkoop, and he’s my hero. Eric Johnson (KOMO News).