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    Exciting things are still happening in the library!

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    Week of May 14, 2018 | Ballard High School students spent the week making strong connections to those around them. School Board Director, Eden Mack visited the Ballard SPS viist to BHS LibraryHigh School library and discussed library advocacy, policy making, funding, and activism. Students were inspired by her passion for equity and interest in hearing what mattered most to students.

    We also made literacy connections with Mr. Wynkoop in our The Children of Blood and Bone Book Club and shared advanced reader copies from our local independent Mr Wynkoop & Book Club Meetingbookstores, Queen Anne Book Company and The Secret Garden Bookshop.

    Our library 3D Printer is connecting instruction, students, and staff to the library with our new 3D Committee and teacher workshops led by student, Beau Anderson.

    We are also connecting to students throughout the district by competing in The Great SPS Puzzle Challenge. We compete with schools across the district to finish puzzles and share in the act of working together. We will continue these connections with our Summer Beaver Readers list and literacy ideas in the following weeks.

    Please check out @BeaverReaders on Twitter to find out more about the ways Ballard High School Library connects to the world!

    TuesD Chambers
    Teacher Librarian

    The Ballard High School library is in transformation mode!
    We have replaced the carpet, worked on connectivity and electricity, and we are now designing the space. We have been working with Shelly Stock of Stock & Associates and we are getting student feedLibrary Furniture Catalogsback on furniture, color swatches, and what makes the space more functional for learning. Students are trying out different configurations and giving feedback on furniture and interior design. As we take this time for rest and relaxation over break, students are encouraged to read as much as possible.

    Ms. Chambers

    #WhatAreYouReading- this is the question every person connected to Ballard High School should be discussing. We believe that the fastest way to connect with people and positively change the world is to discuss the books and stories that matter to us most. If you need any ideas for books to read or purchase please go to our Amazon or Queen Anne Book Company Wishlists.

    Amazon Wishlist

    Queen Anne Book Company Wishlist 

    We Won! Beaver Community!

    I am thrilled to announce that we won the $100,000 grant award from Farmer's Insurance! The award was unveiled at a faux assembly for 9th graders at the end of the school day today where Ms. Chambers was surprised by her family, district officials and representatives from Farmer's Insurance.  View Video!

    Structural work will take place and equipment will be received sometime in 2018 and we anticipate the Learning Commons being 100% transformed by the start of the 2019-20 school year.

    Thank you to every one who voted! Our community is the best and it is so, so clear that it is Always Great to be a Beaver!!   Keven Wynkoop

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