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    Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking Program 

    Digital Film photo

    Since its beginning in the fall of 2001, students from the Ballard Digital Filmmaking Program have won hundreds of awards at regional, national, and international film festivals. Based on their portfolios they have won honors from the National YoungArts Foundation and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (at the Northwest Emmy Awards) and consistently gained admission to prestigious college film and television programs, sometimes with large scholarships and advanced placement. (Recent graduates have gone on to the Australian Film, Television & Radio School, Chapman University, Columbia College of Chicago, Emerson College, Loyola Marymount University, New York University, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the University of Southern California – all college programs ranked by the Hollywood Reporter as among the best for film and television production in the world.) They have also been invited to show their work and make presentations at the Seattle Art Museum, numerous film festivals, and conferences. The program has provided professional production internships through a variety of media organizations and businesses, television shows, and feature films. A Professional Advisory Committee supports the program.

    Breaking News!

    One of the best public school film programs in the country is in Seattle 

    Teacher Mr Bradford teaching in classBallard's Digital Filmmaking Program was recently featured on KOMO 4's Seattle Refined:

    John Prentice with Seattle Refined came to Ballard HS in December to do the filming at in the Digital Film class with BHS Teacher Mr Bradford during 2nd and 3rd period classes. He saw some of our films on the web, and was impressed by the number of festivals and awards the students had won.

    It was great that 3 of the four students from the film Blood Cargo (he had initially seen on our Vimeo page) were here during those periods, Liv D’arche, Talin Philips and Ben Murphy.

    Also interviewed were Anna DeTurk, Evelyn Noble-Stewart, Morgen White and Shannon Sheridan (She’s the one that made the wolf mask.)

    Want to watch some student films from this program? They're all online, enjoy! 

    Ballard student films featured at NFFTY

    Living With Ana film students

    OCTOBER 2019 - Ballard Digital Filmmaking student-produced films took center stage at the Oct. 25 National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). Seniors Saia Dugan, Marley Rankin (left and right in photo) and Olivia Flego-Wirth, along with 2019 graduate Violet Collins, won the Locals Only Audience Favorite Award with Living with Ana. The documentary details a young woman's battle with anorexia and how living with the disorder changed her and those who love her.

    Two other films were recognized:
    POLESKI shows how an eclectic artist and school bus driver's life is changed when he's offered his own gallery. The documentary was produced by 2019 grad Brendan Hickey, junior Owen Russell and senior Robert Miller.

    TIME COP - FIRST BLOOD In this 80's-inspired music video from 2019 grads Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas and Zane Rupp; as well as junior Skye Armstrong: A villain gets between the wrong man and his old flame. Time Cop returns to kick butt and take names!

    Also, Ballard had an Team in the 48 Hour Film Off event that is part of NFFTY. Although they didn’t win, their entry was shown.

    Steven Bradford new director of BHS Digital Filmmaking Program

    BHS is pleased to announce the new director for its award-winning Steven Bradford PhotoDigital Filmmaking Program, Steven Bradford. Bradford has been active in the local film community as a filmmaker and educator for decades, and brings an array of experience to the program with a background in filmmaking, television programs, web-based content, 3D films and corporate videos.

    “Mr. Bradford has the ideal education and experience to find the balance between honoring the amazing accomplishments of the students in this program over the last 18 years and continuing to explore new mediums that will keep the program vibrant into the future of film,” said principal Keven Wynkoop.

    When he learned program founder Matt Lawrence was stepping down after 18 years, Bradford jumped at the chance to be part of Ballard’s renowned film program. “As a judge at the Northwest High School Film Fest, I’ve seen the high level of Ballard’s films,” says Bradford, who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and TV Production from USC, and his Master of Fine Arts in Film Producing from the Seattle Film Institute (SFI). “It’s not just a media literacy program or an after school club or a school TV announcements channel—it’s a serious film program.”

    “We are fortunate to have found an experienced teacher with a solid understanding of film language and familiarity with diverse types of productions,” says outgoing director Matt Lawrence.

    How to Apply

    The Digital Filmmaking Program is open to BHS students of all grades. Students planning to pursue degrees or careers in film/television production, broadcast journalism, art, advertising, media studies, or public relations should enroll no later than their sophomore year to begin to build a portfolio that meets college and industry application requirements. To enter the Program, an application is required for the two semester class. Students successfully completing each year of the program are invited to apply for the next. The program is potentially four years, giving students the opportunity to build diverse portfolios. The classes are electives, fulfill either the Fine Art or the Occupational Education requirement, and result in a digital portfolio.
    Please refer to the Ballard High School Course Catalogpdf icon for more information.

    Digital Film photo

    BHS Digital Filmmaking Program

    View the Digital Filmmaking Program's websiteView Program FilmsDigital Filmmaking Awards & Honors List

    Contact: Steven Bradford,

    Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking 206-252-1117

    Digital Filmmaking Program 2019-20 Application pdf icon
    8th Graders: applications were due in April for students planning to enter the program in the 9th grade.

    Past Program Highlights And Archives