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    Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking Program 

    Digital Filmmaking Program Course Information

    The Digital Filmmaking Program is open to Ballard HS students of all grades. Students planning to pursue degrees or careers in film/television production, broadcast journalism, art, advertising, media studies, or public relations should enroll no later than their sophomore year to begin to build a portfolio that meets college and industry application requirements. Students successfully completing each year of the program are invited to apply for the next. Since the program's beginning in the fall of 2001, students from the Ballard Digital Filmmaking Program have won hundreds of awards at regional, national, and international film festivals.

    The program is potentially four years, giving students the opportunity to build diverse portfolios. The classes are electives, fulfill either the Fine Art or the Occupational Education requirement, and result in a digital portfolio.

    Please refer to the BHS Course Catalogpdf icon for more information about the courses.

    Digital Film photo

    BHS Digital Filmmaking Program

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    Contact: Steven Bradford,

    Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking 206-252-1117 


    Ballard Students win at NW Regional Emmy Awards

    NATAS logo National Academy of TV

    Two Ballard Digital Filmmaking students won three Student Production Awards at the 58th annual Northwest Regional Emmy Awards virtual ceremony in June 2021.

    Senior Ella Tipping won for her Camera and Lighting work on the short film “It’s All Fun and Games.

    Senior Nathan Laha won in the animation AND audio categories with his CGI Short “Time Tower.

    Congratulations also to the following students who received an Award of Excellence: Nathan Laha, James Brammer, Nicola Anderson, Henry Coleman, Ella Tipping, Ben Murphy, Lucas Salm-Rojo, Fia Franz-Knight and Lola Foti

    And to these students who received an Honorable Mention: Oliver Orkand, Rose Shipley, Matthew Toupe, Nathan Laha, Anyia Gillespie, Henry Coleman, Samson Espenschied, Anna DeTurk and Evelyn Noble-Stewart 

    Ballard Student Emmy Nominations| National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Northwest Chapter

    Once again a strong field despite all the disruptions this year

    7 Student Nominations in 5 Categories 

    Music Video

    Rubble and Rain – Ballard High School –Nathan Laha ‘21,
    Producer; Anyia Gillespie ‘21,
    Producer; Henry Coleman ‘21,
    Producer; Samson Espenscheid ‘21, Propmaker

    Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

    Time Tower – Ballard High School - Nathan Laha ‘21, Animator


    It's All Fun and Games - Ballard High School - Ben Murphy ‘21,- Sound Designer
    Time Tower – Ballard High School - Nathan Laha ‘21, Audio Editor and Mixer


    Rubble and Rain - Ballard High School - Nathan Laha ‘21, Editor


    It's All Fun and Games - Ballard High School – Ella Tipping ‘21, Cinematographer
    Rubble and Rain - Nathan Laha 21’, Photographer

    Teacher Mr Bradford teaching in classJANUARY 2020 | Ballard's Digital Filmmaking Program was featured on KOMO 4's Seattle Refined, as one of the best public school film programs in the country is in Seattle.

    John Prentice with Seattle Refined came to Ballard in December 2020 to do the filming in the Digital Film class during 2nd and 3rd period classes. He saw some of the films on the web, and was impressed by the number of festivals and awards the students had won. It was great that 3 of the four students from the film Blood Cargo were here during those periods, Liv D’arche, Talin Philips and Ben Murphy. Also interviewed were Anna DeTurk, Evelyn Noble-Stewart, Morgen White and Shannon Sheridan. Watch some of the films from the program online, enjoy! ~ Teacher Stephen Bradford

    Program Highlights And Archives