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    The Biotech Academy is a specialized learning program that brings together science, mathematics, and language arts to prepare students for advanced study and a career in science. Integrated Curriculum Includes Science, Mathematics, and Language Arts.  In the Biotechnology Career Academy students are encouraged to learn how science, math, and language arts work together. They will study advanced mathematics and use it in the context of biology, chemistry, and genetics.

    This program offers a rigorous study of reading and writing that will promote connections between science and literature with an emphasis on scientific discovery. Students will enjoy exciting but demanding labs, working with the same high-tech equipment used by scientists.

    Entering the Program

    Bio Tech image students workingStudents may enter the 3-year program at the beginning of their freshman or sophomore years. Students entering the program must qualify for Geometry (have completed Algebra 1).

    Applications are available below or in the Ballard High School Counseling Center and must be returned by the posted deadlines.

    Penny Pagels at:
    Ballard Biotech Blog:

    Please refer to the BHS Course Catalog pdf icon for more detailed information for each course offered at Ballard High School.

    Applications for the Freshman Cohort 2017 - 2018

    Applications to the 9th grade Biotechnology Academy cohort are now available and can be downloaded below. The student is responsible to complete the application and obtain a written teacher recommendation.  Both the application and the recommendation form must be submitted by the student by the deadline of May 12, 2017. No teacher e-mail recommendations are accepted.

    Attention: Current BHS 9th Graders: If you are a 9th grader and you are currently enrolled in physical science - you may qualify for the Biotechnology Academy for the fall of 2017. You must be ready to take geometry or higher in the fall. If you are interested, please download a current year application or pick up one from your physical science teacher.  Application deadline was March 24. 

    Please direct all inquiries to Penny Pagels

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    Science Fairs - Links to the BioEXPO and Imagine Tomorrow

    Imagine Tomorrow competition   |   Student Bio Expo competition

    Check out the Biotech Blog with updated information on Biotech Academy Events

    Ballard Biotech Blog

    Biotech Lead Teacher
    Penny Pagels