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    AP Exam Update for BHS Families & Students Signed Up for AP Exams

    New! AP Exam Scores | Aug 16

    Most scores for exams taken in Administration 3 will be available by August 16.

    CollegeBoard will be emailing you when your score is added to your score report.


    REFERENCE ONLY | AP Digital Exams

    The CollegeBoard announced that they will be offering AP Digital Exams in Administration Windows to provide equitable access to AP Exams for all students.

    Based on a thorough review of the testing options and the current health guidelines, SPS has reached the decision to follow the CollegeBoard's Window 3. Students who are signed up and wish to take an AP Exam will take the test during the CollegeBoard’s Window 3 and to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, exams will be administered digitally at home.

    New! Important Reminders!

    BHS AP Exams In-Person | June 4

    For the AP Exams that ONLY have the option for In-Person testing, Japanese, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, French and Music Theory, These exams will be at Ballard HS on Friday, June 4. 

    Audacity User Guide pdf icon

    • Students taking AP French, AP Spanish Language, and AP Music Theory exams (except AP Japanese) need to be comfortable using Audacity for recording sections of these exams on the test day.
    • Please take time to get comfortable using this app prior to testing.
    • Students should use their SPS login to practice on Audacity. On the day of the exam, students will be provided with a unique login that is compliant with the College Board’s testing security requirements.
    AP Free Score SendMust indicate on MyAP by June 20, 2021.
    Students must indicate online through MyAP if they want to list one recipient for their free score send. View the instruction on CollegeBoard's Sending AP Scores

    View IMPORTANT In-Person AP Exam Details >

    Install, Practice, Setup, Check In

    AP Exam Steps Image on webpage Download App, Practice, 1-3 Days before exam do set up for each exam, 30 min before exam check

    Step 1 | Download and INSTALL the Digital Testing App and Log In

    Step 2 | PRACTICE with Sample Questions in the Digital Testing App

    Step 3 | Complete Exam SETUP for EACH Digital Exam

    Step 4 | 30 Minutes before an Exam CHECK IN to the Exam

    Four Steps to Take Exams    CollegeBoard Step By Step Digital Practice    CollegeBoard Video 

    Installing the AP Digital App on SPS Computers

    Follow the steps below and on the attached AP Digital Testing App Download Instructions pdf icon

    • Access the Software Center App on your district-assigned computers
    • Navigate to the “Type here to search” section of your district-assigned laptop home screen on the bottom left corner
    • Search for “Digital AP Exams”
    • Click “Install”

    Note: Students are not able to download the AP Digital Testing app through the CollegeBoard website on their SPS-assigned computers and should follow the SPS AP Digital App Download Instructions.

    NEW! If students are using their SPS device and have hardware issues, they should contact the Student Tech Line (STL) Email:; Phone: 206-252-0100

    Installing the AP App on Personal Devices

    Students planning to use a Personal Device must ensure their personal device meets all the requirements outlined in the Digital Testing Guide or on the direct Installing on a Personal Device site. Note: In addition, using a private laptop does not allow students to access SPS technical support prior to, during, and after digital testing. 

    Note: Students cannot use a personal Smartphone, iPad, or Chromebook to download the AP Digital Testing App. Also the computer cannot be shared with another student between the time a student completes exam setup for a particular exam and the time the student takes that exam.

    Resource Links

    SPS Info & FAQ | CollegeBoard FAQ | CollegeBoard Facts AP Exam Schedule | AP Exam In-Person

    AP Exam Refunds

    BHS families will receive a full refund if you decide not to take an AP Exam, refunds may take up to 2 months for processing time. Contact Mike Broom at if you want to cancel an exam.