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    If students requested an AP course for next year, some of these courses may have optional assignments over the summer if they are interested before beginning class in the fall. Please contact the teacher for any questions. Students are not assured a place in an AP class until they receive their schedule in August. 

    The Following Courses Have Optional Summer Assignments

    • AP Spanish 5 & 6 - Please email Ms Lopez at for any of the Spanish AP information and packets.

    • AP Photography/Digital AP 2-D  
      Please download the attached AP Photography Handout pdf icon  A big portion of your work for AP Art studio will be for you to complete your summer journal using a three-ring binder to put all your work into. This journal will need to be completed before the first day of class in the Fall. The summer journal will help you prepare for your yearlong AP course and you will continue to use this throughout the school year. You will need to define the following terms as they relate to the Principles and Elements of Art. You will also need to include samples of each of the criteria. This can be done using color pencils, paints, photographs or pictures that you find in magazines and or the internet. If you are taking this class for AP Art Studio in Photography, I would suggest trying to do as much as possible using your camera.  

      Also included in your journal, you will need to visit one or two different Art museums. Please include any literature on brochures that you received from the museum of your visit. You will also need to include a one page write up on your experience. Include what you have learned about color, and the principles and elements of art and how they relate to the art you viewed. NOTE: If not able to go due to the virus, this will be excused.

    • AP Chemistry 
      The AP Chemistry curriculum and exam have been revised in the past two years, with greater emphasis on preparing students for college chemistry and greater connection to the world around us. While there is lots of chewy math throughout the course, the revised test includes greater focus on understanding, modeling, and explaining chemistry phenomena.

      Please email Ms Povey at for the AP Chemistry the Summer 2020 Letter, AP Chemistry Course At A Glance, AP Periodic Table, and the Chemistry Equations which provide a review for the AP Exam mastery tests.

      The packet is not required, but if you work on it over the next few weeks, you’ll be ready for the mastery tests when school starts. The packet also includes a few things you can do to get ready for the class.