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    Welcome to the Ballard HS Academics Overview Page

    Ballard High School is a proud community of learners that is supported by a passionate group of parents and alumni to provide a rigorous education for all of our students.  We believe strongly that engaging students in school through academies, pathways, performing arts, athletics, activities & clubs increases their learning opportunities. Simply stated, students who get involved at Ballard HS, perform better at Ballard High School.

    Our Mission

    Ballard High School Crest


    "Ballard High School is an inclusive, supportive community that cultivates a tradition of excellence for all students." ~adopted May 2008

    Ballard HS Course Catalog 21-22 Introduction | Principal Wynkoop

    This Course Catalog is an important part of actualizing the statement above. Ballard High School is a comprehensive school with a wide variety of classes and programs, and we work to offer courses that will engage and motivate students. Challenging all students academically, developing strong relationships and building community for all our students creates an atmosphere that allows students to grow and mature. We encourage all students to challenge themselves by enrolling in Advanced Placement, College in the High Schools or other challenging classes that will help prepare them for the rigors of college and career, while maintaining a healthy school-life balance.

    The purpose of this catalog is to familiarize students and parents with information about school procedures, curriculum, graduation requirements, and post-secondary planning. While this catalog is intended to be definitive, elective courses are offered based on student sign-up and staffing availability. Therefore, it is important to list alternate requests when registering in case your first choice is not available. I hope that you use this catalog as a planning guide throughout your four years at Ballard. ~ Keven Wynkoop, Principal

    20-21, 22 Informational Resource Links

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