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    Virtual Library Hangout Tues, March 31 11AM
    Posted on 03/23/2020
    Hey Beavers Come to the library at lunch Tues 11am on Zoom Log in on Schoology

    Beaver Readers

    Parents! Guardians! Students!

    Our library Instagram has (finally) started – follow us now at @beaverreadersbhs or follow us on Twitter at @BeaverReaders.

    Librarians are irrepressible information sharers, so I’ll be posting information and resources on both of those accounts to help us all take care of each other, our wider community, and ourselves.

    Parents: I’m also regularly updating the BHS Program Support Schoology course. All students are already enrolled, but please feel free to reach out if your student doesn’t see it on their Schoology page.

    Here’s today’s announcement

    Students: wondering what to do next week? Join me and other Beavers on Zoom for virtual library hangouts! The Zoom code is on Schoology. I'll be hosting for an hour on Tuesdays and anybody can drop in anytime for as long as they like.

    ZOOM: Zoom is an online videoconferencing app that's free (and making their premium services available to schools affected by COVID-19). It's FERPA-compliant, which means that it meets the student privacy laws that are required by the district. No sign-up necessary to join in a room, though if you decide to use your phone you have to download the app.

    (Parents and guardians - please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns! at


    • Tuesday 3/24 from 8-9pm is Virtual Book Club Story Before Bed : before Tuesday, re-read and get ready to share about a book you love from when you were younger!

    • Tuesday 3/31 from 11-12 pm: TBD- trying to determine what you want to do! Should we bake, make something, talk about our dreams, read our horoscopes? Should I read scary stories? I just want to hear what you are interested in and what you would like to talk about.

    Parents: Finally, one last librarian soapbox moment as you hunker down and support students (and yourselves) with all the worry and care and unknowns of this crisis: please, allow yourself and your kids to read what sparks joy!

    Don’t worry about reading being “challenging” or “academic” enough, or about students reading “at their level.” Reading for pleasure has been proven to reduce stress in a real and meaningful way as well as building empathy and social-emotional skills.

    Re-reading and reading books that are “too easy” also strengthens crucial neural pathways for academic reading success, for the exact same reasons that musicians play scales and professional athletes run drills.

    Remember, too, that some people are re-readers… a favorite book is like a comforting blanket. Whether it’s reading Wimpy Kid for the ten millionth time, or webcomics, or fanfiction, or audiobooks, or Harry Potter, or Shakespeare, reading is both solace and fuel.

    Much love Beaver Readers-
    Ms. Chambers
    Instagram @beaverreadersbhs
    Twitter @BeaverReaders