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    June 2019 Final Exams Schedule
    Posted on 05/30/2019
    BHS Final Exams Schedule

    June 2019 Finals Details and End of Year Testing Schedule    

    June 2019 Final Details Letter (Dated 3/13) pdf icon

    End of Year Finals Schedule (Dated 5/21) pdf icon

    Visit the Bell Schedules > Finals Schedules for a complete overview.

    June 2019 Finals Details

    With the school year being extended (for snow make up days) to now end on June 27th, we had to make decisions related to the Finals schedule for both Seniors and 9-11th graders. Ballard’s Instructional Council debated the merits of various ideas and reached the following decisions.

    Senior Finals will be on Thursday, June 13 (periods 1/3/5) and Friday, June 14 (periods 2/4/6) and Senior Check Out will culminate on June 14th as well. Graduation rehearsal (10:00am on 6/17) and Graduation (6/17 at 5:30) will proceed as originally scheduled at Memorial Stadium.

    All Seniors will have regular access to their classes on June 18-20 and will be offered educational opportunities if they attend. They can also work to improve their grades during this time period by working with their teachers. However, to be able to participate in the graduation ceremony, Seniors will have to get verification from their teachers that they have passed all required classes to check out. That verification cannot be revoked due to a failure to attend or participate during these days after the ceremony.

    9-11th Graders
    The finals schedule will be moved back to the last days of the school year with periods 3/6 finals on 6/24, 1/4 finals on 6/25, 2/5 finals on 6/26 and Amnesty Day on 6/27.

    We are well aware that some students will have opportunities that they cannot reschedule that will force them to miss one or more of these days. We strongly encourage you to try and reschedule, but we know that we will have to be accommodating this year.

    To aid in this process, we will have special block schedules on Thursday, 6/20 will have periods 1/3/5 and Friday, 6/21 will have 2/4/6 with both days with a special bell schedule. Teachers can use these longer periods for final presentations, focused review sessions or to give early Finals if they choose.

    If you have to miss any part of Finals, please pick up a special End of The School Year Pre-Arranged Absence Form for missing finals in the Attendance Office at least two weeks before the absence to have a conversation with your teacher about making up the missed work and getting their approval.

    If you have questions, please start by talking with your teachers, but your counselors and administrators are also available to answer questions.