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    The BHS PTSA Needs You On The Board | You Can Make A Difference!
    Posted on 05/04/2020
    PTSA Volunteer graphic. Ballard HS PTSA Needs You!

    Be On The BHS PTSA Board or Committee Position
    We Need Your Voice!

    BHS Parents/Guardians we need you. The BHS PTSA is actively seeking Ballard High School Parents/Guardians who want to get involved. Refer to the open positions listed below. Thank You!

    Ballard HS relies heavily on parent volunteers to help BHS provide the best possible experience and opportunities for all students. It takes incredible coordination and orchestration not just from the students, teachers and administrators, but tremendous support from the parent community as well.

     A variety of positions are available and some positions require little to no PTSA experience or only take a minimal amount of time.  

    Please contact the Nominating Committee at

    The Ballard High School PTSA is made up of four Executive Committee Volunteers; six PTA Board Member Volunteers and the school Principal that make up the rest of the Board of 10. In addition, there are 10 Standing Committee Positions, often shared.

    Executive Committee, which are elected positions, are the President(s), Vice President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary. PTSA Board are Volunteer Coordinator, Membership Chair, Legislative Liaison, Nominating Committee Chair, Building Leadership Chair(s), Family & Community Engagement (FACE) and the Principal.

    All these positions have one seat, one vote-- shared positions share one vote. All Volunteers must be Washington State PTA Members in good standing. 

    The Ballard High School PTSA Board - OPEN Positions For 2020-21

    Executive Board | Elected Positions

    President: Tom Eggert, | OPEN 2020-21
    The Ballard PTSA President(s) is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the organization. They will preside over PTSA Board and General Membership meetings. They set the agendas for all PTSA Board and General Meetings. They Ensure that pertinent PTSA information is distributed to membership. They also determine appropriate and investment interests of the PTSA general membership. They work with the treasurer to oversee appropriate allocation of funds per established annual budget and they are an approved PTSA check signer and available to treasurer as needed to go-sign PTSA checks approved PTSA check signer and available to treasurer as needed to co-sign PTSA checks. In addition, the President will work with PTSA Board to recruit chairs for committees. They will also attend "PTSA and the Law" training session

    Vice President: FILLED!
    The Ballard High School PTSA Vice President will perform the duties of the President when the President is absent or unable to serve. They will plan all PTSA meeting agendas with the President and will work with all committee chairs to ensure they have all the necessary information they need to perform their duties.

    Treasurer: Carolyn Stalter,

    Secretary: Michelle Renn,


    Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Elliott, | OPEN 2020-21
    The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the inventory of all PTSA parent volunteers by skill, availability, and interest. Works proactively with board members, committee heads, special projects managers, and event organizers to find volunteers from the volunteer inventory or by soliciting new volunteers via email.

    Membership Chair: Nancy Knoll, | FILLED!

    Legislative Liaison: Brian Duncan,

    Nominating Committee Chairs: Carolyn Stalter, and Michelle Renn,

    Principal: Keven Wynkoop,

    Building Leadership Team: Glory Frodesen,

    Family & Community Engagement (FACE): Co-chairs: Anne Siems, and Brenda Savage, | 1 OPEN!

    The Family and Community Engagement Program (FACE/Outreach) fosters communication and awareness of both the needs and the resources occurring in the Ballard community. FACE Volunteers works with the school counselors and the families needing more support, especially around food insecurity and the holidays. FACE also helps find speakers or suggest topics for the three general PTSA meetings.

    Standing Committees

    PTSA Weekly Newsletter/Communications Chair: Gloria Kruzner,

    Stand Alone News Emails: Chuck Fuller,

    Social Media: Kimball Mullins,

    Grants Chair: FILLED!

    Direct Appeal Fundraising Chair
    : Heather Bioren,

    Staff Appreciation: Phyllis Rosen

    BASH/Auction Coordinators: FILLED!

    SPREE (All-Night Grad Party) Co-Chairs Stacy Sikora, & Amy Wick | OPEN 2020-21

    The SPREE Coordinator(s) help to plan and coordinate the Ballard High School senior all-night graduation party following the graduation ceremony. Includes tracking the signed attendee forms and payments, working with Grad Nights to select the venues and food, coordinating the buses and volunteers the night of. Kick-off in the late fall and runs to graduation night.

    PTSA Website Management & Editor: Juan Sadder, | OPEN 2020-21
    The PTSA Website Webmaster maintains and updates the website content with current and actuate meeting date information, fundraising goals and meeting minutes to name a few.