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    Letters From Principal Wynkoop
    Posted on 05/20/2020
    Letter From Principal Wynkoop

    Letter From Keven Wynkoop,
    Ballard High School Principal 

    The following message was sent via SchoolMessenger to all Ballard High School families on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 

    Ballard Families,

    I was completely caught off guard today when my family realized that this weekend is Memorial Day. My family was supposed to be going to Wenatchee to watch my daughter play in our favorite softball tournament of the season. This year, I had no idea the three-day weekend was coming up. Since teachers only have a couple of chances to engage with students each week, there may be a meeting or two that gets rescheduled for office hours or other times next week to make up for the missed time.

    Returning School Material and Picking Up Possessions

    One of the frequent questions right now relates to how school materials will be returned at the end of the school year and possessions retrieved from school lockers and classrooms.

    We are still greatly limited in the number of students that we can have on campus, but planning has begun for a two-week schedule starting June 1 to allow for students to bring books, uniforms, equipment and more to school.

    This will also be the next time that seniors can pick up their caps and gowns, if they missed yesterday’s event. We will have to be very cautious and orderly about how we set up the days and times to enter the building and masks will be required. (May 26 9-10am & May 27 12-1pm)

    The schedule and details will be released, please read them carefully when they are released.

    Senior Graduation

    There are some big senior updates this week. You may have missed the notice from the school district yesterday that announced that June in-person graduations are officially cancelled, but that each high school will be broadcasting a digital graduation the week of June 15-19.

    The ceremony for Ballard High School will debut on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 5:30 pm and will be televised on SPS-TV Channel 26 and uploaded to YouTube at the same time. I hope that our community will watch together.

    The details are just starting to come to light, but I am committed to making this event as good as we can. It will not come close to replacing our usual ceremony, but it will help to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors.

    Academic Awards Night

    Another senior tradition that is going digital this year is the Academic Awards Night (available to view on June 12). This is a program where a wide range of awards and scholarships are recognized, including the senior members of the National Honor Society, recipients of the Above and Beyond Service Award, Salutatorian and Valedictorian. Until these last two awards are announced, no students know who the winners are.

    My personal favorite awards are the Department Scholars. Each academic department chooses one student that has excelled in the classes in their department and a teacher shares why that senior was chosen. The stories and descriptions are heartfelt and moving and it is obvious how much our teachers care about our students.

    We are going to record the award presentation and make it available to our community on Friday, June 12. Students that are going to be recognized will receive an e-mail ahead of time, so that your family can watch along with us, but I encourage our entire community to watch along with us.

    In-Person Event | SPREE

    As much as the move to a digital graduation closes the door on a district supported ceremony in August, I am stubbornly holding onto hope that the conditions in the state will allow us to hold an in-person event at Memorial Stadium on either August 3rd or August 7th.

    We won’t know what is possible until July, but I am committed to doing everything I can to get our seniors together one last time.

     We are also working to re-schedule the Senior Spree for this week and hopefully the same night. The company that we have contracted with for 30 years to run this event is really struggling financially and we are much more likely to be able to re-schedule the event for August than to get refunds. Also, this is a unique event that would be a memorable way to wrap up a disappointing senior year. We will keep you updated in the Summer, as details become clear.


    A small piece of good news is that our yearbook staff was finally able to start working on the yearbook again this week after overcoming numerous technical difficulties. The yearbook will not be ready in June and we don’t have a delivery date yet, but they are going to produce a great book that will be worth the wait. If you haven’t ordered your yearbook yet, it is on sale through School Pay on the Source right now.

    It has been hard to stay upbeat through this pandemic, but the event we had yesterday to pass out caps and gowns to seniors filled me up with joy. It was so much fun to see our staff out in Beaver gear with signs celebrating our seniors. I hope that we don’t have to do this type of event again, but it was the best thing I have been part of since March 11.

    Keven Wynkoop

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