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    Spilled Ink Art On Display at the Ballard Branch Library!
    Posted on 07/26/2020
    Ballard Market Billboard Ink Art at Ballard Branch Library

    Ink Ballard High School's Annual Literary & Arts Journal 2019-20 On Display at the Ballard Branch Library!

    Images of the Ballard Branch Library window with Spilled Ink artwork and poems










    Spilled Ink Sidewalk Art Gallery On Display NOW until July 31 with the Ballard Branch Public Library. The artwork and poems from the Ink Journal pages are displayed in the windows!  EXTENDED TO JULY 31!

    Ink Journal is published by the Ink Staff: President Nora Allen, Secretaries Emily Avelar-Larios and Aiden Wilkson; and edited by Nora Allen, Kaitlyn LaScala, Sean Semnick and Aiden Wilkson.

    Ink Club Advisor is Mr. Gordon Macdougall. Cover art by Zoe Risley-Smyth.

    Ink Journal is made possible by the support of Principal Keven Wynkoop and a generous grant this year from the Ballard High School PTSA. We would like to thank them and all others who help make Ink possible. 

    Questions? - Email