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    Posted on 06/10/2021
    Mr Wynkoop and Senior Updates Class of 2021

    Graduation Overview Q & A Information & Video 

    Watch the Graduation Overview Q & A Video > 

    Please watch the Graduation CeremonyOverview Q & A for important information for Seniors and their families! Follow up answers to questions that were asked in the Chat feature from the Q & A are posted below.

    Mr Wynkoop Overview GraduationQ: Will the graduations we able to be watched after?
    Yes, in addition to being televised live on SPS TV, the graduations will stream live on SPSTV and be available to watch there after the event as well.

    Q: Will there be in and out privileges for guests?
    Yes, but we ask you to only use them minimally to avoid additional interactions with people outside of your pod.

    Q: Is there a seating map of the pods?
    There isn’t a map created yet, but they believe that the tickets will have an “N” or “S” to indicate which grandstand you are sitting in. They also have the section listed that your pod is located in.

    Q: Will twins gets four tickets each?
    Yes, each graduate was assigned a four seat pod.

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