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    Fall Play
    Posted on 09/07/2020
    TUNA with dessert images

    The Theatre Department will stage the comedic play Greater Tuna, set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas, the "third-smallest" town in the state. The play is both an affectionate comment on small-town, southern life, and attitudes and a withering satire.

    This play will be rehearsed completely via Microsoft Teams. Students will work through a couple of Teams rehearsals on their character with Mr. Riley, provide a costume, and then work with the filming schedule and our tech expert, Gustavo, in October to record their part.

    The production will stream through; the same website our patrons usually use to purchase tickets online!

    Ticket prices will be $10 per individual or $30 for a group of 5 or more.


    Greater Tuna is the first in a series of four comedic
    plays (followed by A Tuna Christmas, Red, White and Tuna, and Tuna Does Vegas), each set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas, the "third-smallest" town in the state. The series was written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard. The plays are at once an affectionate comment on small-town, Southern life and attitudes but also a withering satire of the same.

    Greater Tuna uses humor to shed a light on uncomfortable issues, such as racism, that are significant to our culture. It creates a safe environment that challenges us to examine our own prejudices while we laugh at the absurdity that we see on-stage. The play is rated between PG and PG-13 for some adult humor and mild language. The play is a “well-known work of satirical art” that does not reflect the opinions and values of our Performing Arts Department, school or Ballard community at large.

    Most of the Southern comedies we have performed at BHS are lighthearted and this play pokes at the stereotypes of small southern towns with humor and does not pull punches. It is very relatable, but also very silly and over the top. I feel that the authors are laughing with small backwoods towns and not at them.”

    Cast of Characters

    1. Charlene Bumiller - Daughter of Hank and Bertha Bumiller, and sister to Stanley and Jody

    2. Jody Bumiller - Youngest child of Bertha Bumiller, followed constantly by "eight to ten dogs"

    3. Stanley Bumiller - fresh from reform school; twin to Charlene

    4. Vera Carp - Town snob and vice president of the Smut-Snatchers of the New Order

    5. Petey Fisk - Employee of the Greater Tuna Humane Society

    6. Didi Snavely - Owner of Didi's Used Weapons ("If we can't kill it, it's immortal")

    7. Arles Struvie - A disc jockey at radio station OKKK

    8. Chad Hartford- A reporter from Houston who comes to interview Bertha

    9. Phinas Blye- A politician from Indiana who runs for City Council every election

    10. Harold Dean Lattimer- OKKK's weatherman

    11. Bertha Bumiller - wife of Hank and mother to Jody, Stanley, and Charlene; member of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order

    12. Hank Bumiller- Husband of Bertha

    13. Pearl Burras - Aunt to Bertha, who is, as Petey Fisk claims, addicted to killing dogs (in the play, called canicidal thumbitus)

    14. Leonard Childers - Station Manager of OKKK for his talk show, "Leonard on the Line"

    15. Sheriff Givens- Believes in old-fashioned jails

    16. Elmer Watkins, head of the local chapter of the KKK, dedicated to making the town safe "for the right kind of people"

    17. Yippy the dog- Pet of the month for five weeks in a row, yips a lot, and no one wants to adopt him

    18. R.R. Snavely - UFOlogist, town drunk, and husband to Didi

    19. The Reverend Spikes, president of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order

    20. ThurstonWheelis-AdiscjockeyatradiostationOKKK
    Some of the characters, regardless of name, are gender non-specific and I will cast the best person in the role.