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    Direct Appeal Updates!
    Posted on 12/09/2019
    Direct Appeal Logo Academic Excellence

    Every year the PTSA holds a ​Direct Appeal​ to raise funds to support academics at Ballard High School. The funds raised through the Direct Appeal are used to ensure that Ballard High School can continue to offer rigorous, in-depth, inquiry-based coursework.

    Funds raised through Direct Appeal are used to support ​Academic Excellence​ at Ballard High School. In the past, the funds have been used to purchase:

    Telescopes • Music Composition Materials• SMART InteractiveBoards • Art Supplies
    • Microscopes • Molecular Models • Foreign Language Learning Software
    • English Literature Materials • Centrifuges • Spectrophotometer
     • Lab Tables • Laptops • Bathymetric Charts

    Please donate today and help us raise ​Money for Academics​ 

    Corporate matching is an important part of a successful Direct Appeal, so ask your employer whether it will match your donation. Indeed, many companies will match 100% of their employees’ donations.

    All donations are tax deductible. ​THANK YOU


    THANK YOU for your generous support of the PTSA Direct Appeal! Because of you, we’ve raised over $67,000 towards our $100,000 goal.

    We aren’t there yet. Let’s pull together and smash that goal just like we smashed the Challenge Match last week!

    PLEASE DONATE TODAY | No amount is too big, no amount is too small, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.