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    PTSA Direct Appeal Donations & How Your Donations Are Used!
    Posted on 11/25/2018
    Direct Appeal Allocation ChartBallard High School PTSA Direct Appeal donations fund mostly grants, and we try to distribute grant dollars wisely too. 

    Our Mission Statement | 
     Create an inclusive, supportive community that cultivates a tradition of excellence for all students. We do so by thoughtfully and conscientiously by distributing grant dollars- dollars you donate- equitably across Ballard High School departments.

    Take a look at the allocation chart. You can see that the vast majority of dollars go towards enrichment of Core Academics. But we give grants in other areas, too, also in support of our mission: Clubs, Counseling, and Custodian are a few examples.

    Thank you for considering a donation, it goes a long way!
    What is the Direct Appeal? | One of the primary ways in which the PTSA supports BHS is through raising funds for academic grants for teachers and staff. We gave out nearly $70,000 in academic support grants last year. This year, we've already allocated over $11,000 in grants to our wonderful BHS staff! These grants support infrastructure and staff tools , helping BHS provide the best education it can to our students.

    We would love to be able to continue this level of support. It all comes back to support from all of you in the Ballard High School community. Supporting a school with a growing population of more than 2.000 students is not easy; doing so in an our state's uncertain funding climate is even more challenging.

    How can I contribute? | We are raising funds for academic support grants through the Direct Appeal campaign. Donating is easier than ever with our online donation form on the Ballard PTSA website. We ask that you to contribute any amount, from $5 to $5,000. Every single dollar counts, and we are grateful for contributions small or large.

    Note: all donations are tax deductible. Check with your company to see if they match charitable contributions (e.g., Microsoft matches 100%). Last year, 15% of contributions were through corporate matching. Be sure to talk to your HR department for more details. You will just need to provide the Ballard High School PTSA Tax ID (#91-1303069) and note on your donation that it is for the Direct Appeal campaign.

    About the Ballard High School PTSA | The Ballard High School PTSA is an educational enrichment and advocacy group that emphasizes cultivating an excellent education environment for all Ballard High School Students. We do this through family and community engagement, advocating that all students have access to the resources, tools and support needed for the best education possible. Learn more about how to get involved with the PTSA on the PTSA Website.