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    CareDox | Online Student Health Forms
    Posted on 10/19/2018
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    CareDox Helps School Nurses Better Manage Student Health

    What is CareDox?

    CareDox is the district’s electronic student health record system used to record health information. Note: Using the CareDox portal is optional.​

    What is the CareDox portal?

    CareDox is a secure, comprehensive digital health platform school nurses use to document student care, keep students safe, and connect with parents and guardians. CareDox is used by hundreds of schools in the U.S. and adheres to both FERPA and HIPPAA regulations to safeguard student health information.

    The CareDox portal replaces the paper-based student health forms used by the district with an electronic form that parents and guardians can fill out online.

    The online portal provides many Source Image with CareDox portalbenefits, including below:

    • Update your student’s health information, both for start of school and as needed throughout the year. Parents and guardians only complete the full form once and then simply update student information as health needs change.
    • Access your student’s health information securely on your mobile devices, such as a smart phone or tablet.

    • Receive optional notifications from the nurse about care provided to your student during the school day.

    How do parent/guardians sign up to use the portal?

    Parent/guardians can sign up for the portal by clicking on the CareDox icon on  the Source.

    If a parent/guardian does not yet have a Source account, you can create one at:


    Visit the SPS Website to learn more about CareDox
    Learn more about how to set up a Source account