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    The Ballard Film Festival (BFF)
    Posted on 05/19/2019
    BFF Poster June 2019

    See Tomorrow's Award-Winners At The BHS Film Festival

    The Ballard Film Festival (BFF) will be Saturday, June 15 at 7 p.m. in the Ballard High School auditorium.

    This is a screening of new work by students in the Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking Program. The festival will feature short documentaries, client-based ads and PSA’s, as well as a selection of award-winning productions from this school year. Tickets ($10 for adults and $5 for students) will be sold at the door.

    Banding Together, one of the short documentaries making its premiere, follows freshman Jill Philbin through the various events that make up a year with the BHS band. Another documentary, FTM, tells the story of senior Evon Mahesh's transition from female to male. Poleski explains how a student helped discover that his school bus driver was a talented artist, resulting in his first gallery exhibit.

    The festival will also feature a selection of short films that won major awards over the last year. Films that premiere at the BFF frequently go on to win honors from various film festivals and professional organizations. This semester alone, BHS film students earned top prizes at two international film festivals (the STARdance Film Festival in Los Angeles, and the Discover the World of Communications Film Festival in Washington D.C.), 18 nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (envelopes to be opened at the NW Emmy Awards), 18 awards and honors from the NW High School Film Festival, and Best Student Film from the state-wide Shoreline Short Short Film Festival. (Films screened at previous BFF’s can now be seen on the Digital Filmmaking Program’s vimeo site.)

    All funds raised by the BFF will benefit students in the Digital Filmmaking Program.