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    BHS Athletics & Clubs Information | Season 2
    Posted on 05/09/2021
    Beaver Head logo Season 2 Athletics

    BHS Athletics & Clubs

    Season 2 

    Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Girls: Basketball, Fastpitch Softball, Coed: Tennis, Track & Field, Girls Wresting & Boys Wresting.

    Visit the BHS Athletics Overview page for more information and updates.


    BHS Athletic Director Eric Ensign

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    BHS Athletics & Club Schedule Info

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    Athletic Events For Week of May 10- May 16


    Boys Basketball
    JV Lakeside (Sea) Home (Ballard Hi) 7:15 PM

    Varsity Lakeside (Sea) Away (Magnuson P) 3:30 PM
    JV Lakeside (Sea) Home (Whitman Mi) 4:00 PM

    Girls Basketball
    JV Lakeside (Sea) Home (Ballard Hi) 5:45 PM


    Boys Wrestling
    Varsity West Seattle @ Ballard Home (Ballard Hi) 6:00 PM

    Girls Basketball
    Varsity Lakeside (Sea) Away (Lakeside H) 5:45 PM

    Varsity Lincoln (Seattle) Home (Lower Wood) 4:00 PM
    Varsity Eastside Catholic Away (Eastside C) 7:00 PM

    Boys Tennis
    Varsity O\'Dea Home (Lower Wood) 3:30 PM

    Girls Tennis
    Varsity Holy Names Academy Home (Lower Wood) 3:30 PM
    JV Holy Names Academy Away (Volunteer ) 4:00 PM

    Girls Lacrosse
    Newport Home (Ballard Hi) 7:00 PM


    Boys Basketball
    JV Bishop Blanchet Home (Ballard Hi) 5:45 PM
    Varsity Bishop Blanchet Home (Ballard Hi) 7:30 PM

    Girls Lacrosse
    Roosevelt Away (Lower Wood) 5:45 PM


    Varsity Garfield Away (Garfield H) 3:30 PM
    JV Garfield Home (Whitman Mi) 3:30 PM
    Frosh Lincoln (Seattle)-JV Home (Bitterlake) 3:30 PM

    Boys Track
    Varsity West Seattle @ Nathan Hale Away (NEAC (Nath) 2:45 PM

    Boys Soccer
    Varsity Lincoln (Seattle) Away (Lower Wood) 4:00 PM
    JV Lincoln (Seattle) Home (Ballard Hi) 4:30 PM

    Girls Track
    Varsity West Seattle @ Nathan Hale Away (NEAC (Nath) 2:45 PM


    Boys Basketball
    Varsity Roosevelt Home (Ballard Hi) 7:30 PM

    Boys Soccer
    Frosh Lincoln (Seattle) Away (Lower Wood) 4:00 PM

    Girls Basketball
    Varsity Roosevelt Home (Ballard Hi) 5:45 PM

    JV Roosevelt Away (Lower Wood) 4:00 PM

    Boys Lacrosse
    Varsity TBD Away (Roosevelt ) 8:00 PM

    Girls Lacrosse
    Snohomish Home (Ballard Hi) 6:45 PM


    Boys Basketball
    Frosh Chief Sealth Home (Ballard Hi) 9:00 AM
    JV Chief Sealth Home (Ballard Hi) 12:00 PM

    Frosh Chief Sealth-JV Away (SWAC (Chie) 9:00 AM
    JV Garfield Home (Whitman Mi) 10:00 AM
    Frosh Chief Sealth-JV Away (SWAC (Chie) 10:30 AM

    Girls Basketball
    JV Chief Sealth Home (Ballard Hi) 10:30 AM

    Clubs & Unified

    • CLUB Sports | Girls Lacrosse | Register at Go Team Snap. Practices will be M-F from 6:45pm - 8:15pm on the BHS Field. There will be 8 games with the season ending on June 11, 2021. 

    • CLUB Sports | Boys Lacrosse | Practices and the season has started. Please contact Mary Scott Senan at for more information.

    • Join Unified CLUB!  Meets on Tuesday and Thursday at BHS from 4:15-5:15 p.m. to exercise, shoot hoops, and promote social inclusion at Ballard. Come join us. Unified Club is a partnership between BHS and Special Olympics of WA. It partners students with and without developmental disabilities together to build team work, camaraderie and have fun. For information, contact Ms. Robyn Maddess at

    Please contact the head coach of the sport or club you are interested for any additional specifics.

    Athletic schedules are subject to change, please check back to the MetroLeagueWA website frequently.