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    Final Week 1st Semester | Timeline | Report Card Details
    Posted on 01/18/2021
    1st Semester Ends Week of Jan 25 - 29

    1st Semester Ends


    Jan. 27 | Wed | Amnesty Day | Wed Asynchronous Schedule | Chance for students to complete work for 1st Semester.
    Jan. 28 | Thurs | No School Day Between Semesters
    Jan. 29 | Fri | Amnesty Day | Periods 1-6 Asynchronous Schedule | 1st Day of 2nd Semester


    Report Cards

    Report Cards will be available to view in the Source after the end of the 1st Semester process has been fully completed and posted.

    Please view student report cards by logging onto the Source. Printed copies may be requested if families are unable to access remotely by emailing the BHS Counseling Secretary, Carol Bristol at

    Helpful Source Links for Families

    Remote Learning Grading Policies at Ballard High School

    The following policies were put into place at the start of 2nd Quarter with the purpose to ease student's stress about grades during online remote learning.

    • Late work is accepted by all teachers with no penalties.
    • All missing assignments are entered as 50% in the grade book (does not apply to missing tests/quizzes)

    What to do if your teacher is not following these policies?

    • Check to make sure it was work assigned on or after Nov 6, 2020, because that was when the new policies were implemented.
    • Email your teacher and ask about it. Maybe they just haven't updated the grades yet (keep in mind teachers are struggling during this time too and are likely behind on grading, so be patient).
    • Contact Mr. Wynkoop or your Assistant Principal and let them know what is going on. 

    Read more about the Ballard HS grading policies on the November 18, 2020 Principal letters to BHS families.

    District Grading Policy

    "A" through "C-" or "Incomplete" grades are the only options for final grade marking for the 2020-21 school year.

    The "C-" final grade cut off is 70% on the 100 point scale. This means if your student has a grade below 70% as their final grade, they will receive an "Incomplete."

    An "Incomplete" will only be earned after a detailed support process involving the teacher, relevant learning team (e.g., IEP team), and school leaders.

    As in the spring, "D" and "E" scores will still be visible in the gradebook and on the Source. However, teachers will convert "D" and "E" grades into "Incomplete" final grades at the end of the semester.

    Courses that are designated as "Pass/No Pass" before the start of the semester will be graded as "Pass/Incomplete" at the end of the semester. Visit the district Grading and Progress Report page for more details and the Remote Learning Resources page.

    Students & families can see student grades by logging into the Source.

    District Reference

    On Sept 23, 2020 the *SPS district announced the High School Grading Policy for 20-21.

    Assignments may earn grades of A/B/C/D/E. The final grade for the quarter and semester will be “A-C-” or “Incomplete.” Quarter grades do not appear on the official academic transcript. Semester grades appear on the official academic transcript.