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    * Students - Check the list often for new additions or changes!

    We at Ballard High School feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Therefore, a wide range of activities is provided. There are so many choices to help your student thrive at school, make new friends and engage with staff. 

    -> Interested in starting a club?

    We have many clubs on campus and we are always looking to find more ways for students to get involved.

    Idea for a new club? Contact: Clubs Coordinator; Clara Propst at


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    Clubs Coordinator
    Clara Propst |
    Activities Coordinator
    Kevin Kendrick |
    Athletic Director

    Eric Ensign |

    Clubs and Organizations 2017-18 | Reference ONLY

    ASB - Student Government

    Student President/Leader: TBA
    Advisor: TBA
    Meets: 2nd period
    Location: AC

    Average Joe's

    Student President/Leader: Joseph McCaffrey |
    Advisor: Joe Schmidt |
    Meets: 3:15-3:25 last Friday of month
    Location: SW203

    Members hang out, eat snacks, and refer to each other by some variation of Joseph.

    Badminton Club

    Student President/Leader: Eissa Jazizadeh |
    Advisor: John Foster |
    Meets: Wed/Thurs before school
    Location: In the Aux gym

    Ballard Against Trafficking

    Student President/Leader: Allayna Berger |
    Advisor: Carol Faust |
    Meets: Meet 1x per month
    Location: S101

    A club that focuses on raising awareness of human trafficking.  How to spot someone in trouble, what perpetuates these situations, and what we can do about it.

    Ballard Ultimate Frisbee

    Student President/Leader: Gabriel Nobis |
    Coordinator: John Nobis |
    Practice/Games Mon-Fri 4:00-6:00
    Meets: Location: Interbay

    If you are interested in joining or learning about Ballard Ultimate, visit or contact us at

    Ballard VR Club

    Student President/Leader: Avery Wagar |
    Advisor: TuesD
    Chambers |
    Meets: Thursday after school
    Location: Library

    The BVR Club will explore current and emerging virtual reality and related technologies (VR/MR/AR). Club members will experience high fidelity and mobile VR and have opportunities to develop their own VR applications. Other club activities will include attending VR-related events and hosting guest speakers and demonstrations from the VR community.


    Book Club

    Student President/Leader: Matea Meadows-Hills |, Nina Wolf
    Advisor: Scott Cachopo |
    Meets: First Tuesday of every month
    Location: SW111

    Book club is a chill and fun environment to express your love of reading with other bookies. If you love books, friends, food, and chatting it up, this is the club for you.


    Creative Writing Club

    Student President/Leader: Rowan Conway |
    Advisor: Gordon MacDougall |
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: SW105



    Student President/Leader: Amirah Karam |
    Coach: Samantha Burnstead
    Meets: 2-7 days a week
    Location: Commons

    Members boost spirit and cheer-leadership at Ballard. Tryouts held in April or May 2018.


    Comedy Club

    Student President/Leader: Owain Weinert |
    Advisor: Molly McMonagle |
    Meets: Every Monday
    Location: N106

    A club wherein members shall coordinate to produce humorous routines.


    Dance Team

    Student President/Leader: Ali Brousal |
    Coach: Bethany Nielcen
    Meets: T/TH - 4:30 - 6:30pm
    Meets: W/F - 6:30 - 815am
    Location: Commons

    Tryouts usually take place in May. Ballard Dance Team was created to promote spirit and a love of dance for the Ballard community. Dance styles include, but is not limited to: pom, jazz, and hip hop. We perform at school assemblies, football and basketball half-times, competitions, and select parades with the school Marching Band.


    Debate Team

    Student President/Leader: Max Schomber |
    Advisor: Mr. Schmidt |
    Meets: Contact leader
    Location: SW203

    Learn and compete in debates and possibly competition.



    Student President/Leader: Nina Adams |
    Advisor: Mary Jereczek |
    Meets: Various Wednesdays after school in library
    Location: N101

    Officers meet every Wednesday before school @ 8:15 in N101. DECA is a student organization operating in the 50 states and Canada that attracts individuals to productive careers in business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. DECA gives students hands-on experience in these fields, and provides conferences and competitions that mold high school students into character-drive leaders.


    Earth Service Corps

    Student President/Leader: Sophie Adams |
    Advisor: Noam Gundle |, Joe Swaja
    Meets: Thursdays during lunches
    Location: NW217, S217


    Fashion Club

    Student President/Leader: Ashley Taherazer |
    Advisor: Marcia Lalonde |
    Location: N220



    Student President/Leader: Ethan Leclair |
    Advisor: Eric Blazevic |
    Meets: TBD
    Location: N108



    Student President/Leader: Chloe Davila |
    Advisor: Marcia Lalonde |
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: N220


    Feminism Club

    Student President/Leader: Yasmeen Chatelle |
    Advisor: India Carlson |
    Meets: Mondays after school
    Location: NW203

    A gender positive club that supports feminism and educates students on what feminism really is. We will do what we can to gain and keep rights that we deserve and spread our message as well.


    FIRST Robotics

    Student President/Leader: Liam Bonds |
    Advisor: Brian Connolly |
    Meets: Monday 6-8pm
    Location: NW204

    FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a unique varsity sport of the mind designed to help high-school-aged young people discover how interesting and rewarding the life of engineers and researchers can be.

    The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in competitions designed by Dean Kamen, Dr. Woodie Flowers, and a committee of engineers and other professionals.

    FIRST redefines winning for these students because they are rewarded for excellence in design, demonstrated team spirit, gracious professionalism and maturity, and the ability to overcome obstacles. Scoring the most points is a secondary goal. Winning means building partnerships that last.


    French Club

    Student President/Leaders: Katie Lynch |, Therese Evangelista
    Advisor: Annaick Sturgeon |
    Meets: Wednesdays 1x/month
    Location: S207

    The French Club organizes activities to promote a better understanding of French and francophone culture. Activities include: making crêpes, playing Boules, making bûche de noël, selling May Day flowers, etc.


    Future Filmmaker's Club

    Student President/Leader: Max Beaulieu |
    Advisor: Matt Lawrence |
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: N225


    Game and Computing Club

    Student President/Leader: Steven Testone |
    Advisor: Jim Verhaeghe |
    Meets: Tuesday after school
    Location: N112


    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    Student President/Leader: Lars Mcdonagh |
    Advisor: Catherine Schmider |
    Meets: Thursdays at 3:30
    Location: S202

    GSA provides a meeting place and social opportunity for LGBTQ youth and their allies/friends. Activities include: parties, movies, conversation, excursions and social activism.


    Girls Who Code

    Student President/Leader: Morgan Warren |
    Advisor: Jim Verhaeghe |
    Meets: 3:45-4:45
    Location: N112

    Members participate in projects, structured lessons & curriculum provided by the Girls Who Code organization and experience guest speakers.


    Ink Club - Literary Magazine

    Student President/Leader: Rianah Smith |
    Advisor: Gordon Macdougall |
    Meets: Thursdays after school
    Location: SW105

    It’s about Art, Literature & Photography. INK magazine members invite students to submit art, poetry and short stories during the year, with selections made of pieces they feel represent Ballard’s literary and artistic diversity; INK is published annually.


    International Thespian Society

    Student President/Leader: Sophia Rice |
    Advisor: Shawn Riley |
    Meets: Monday after school
    Location: Black Box

    The Thespian organization is a special honorary group within the Drama Club for Junior and senior students who have participated in a minimum of 100 hours in two or more main stage theater productions AND maintained the proper annual requirements to remain Thespians. Some members may attend a state leadership conference and the state theater festival each year.

    The mission of the Thespians is to provide a nurturing environment in which students can pursue individual and collective achievements by developing their skills and understanding in the genre of theatre, musical theatre, and technical theatre. Thespian expectations are as follows; Demonstrate respect by being punctual, serve as a leader and role model to others, commit to being focused and dedicated to your academics, your craft, and your school. Value your body as your instrument by living a clean lifestyle. Show respect to each other, staff, volunteers, and to the facilities of the theater in which we work. Demonstrate and express support for each other whether onstage, backstage, or in the audience. Thespians as an organization is far greater than any individual. Let us be proud of our accomplishments, yet humble enough to understand that our goals could not be accomplished without each other.


    Japanese Club

    Student President/Leader: Mackenzie Guthrie |
    Advisor: Sachiko Smith |
    Meets: Every Tuesday
    Location: S204

    Members are educated on Japanese culture and participate in cultural activities such as cooking, watching movies, calligraphy and crafts.


    Key Club

    Student President/Leader: Hannah Weaver |
    Advisors: Oana Rus |, Mary Jereczek
    Meets: Tuesday lunches
    Location: SW202, N101


    Link Crew

    Student President/Leader: Jacob Olson |
    Advisors: Keven Wynkoop |, Carrie Burr |
    Meets: Various
    Location: Varies

    A Mentoring Program, that assigns every incoming 9th grader with successful upperclassmen at a ratio of about 10:2 to help them adjust to the realities of high school. Link Leaders, the mentors, are chosen through an application process in the spring and they are trained in late August to prepare for an exciting Freshmen Orientation Program. Follow up activities are organized throughout the year to increase freshmen connection to school and improve their academic and social success.


    Magic the Gathering Club

    Student President/Leader: Jordan Wenner |
    Advisor: Mark Pentecost |
    Meets: Monday after school
    Location: SW200


    Model UN

    Student President/Leaders: Eleanor Dudley |, Sam Goldstein
    Advisor: Jack Thompson |
    Meets: Every other Monday after school
    Location: S106

    Students address important current international issues as delegates at Model United Nations conferences. Members develop skills in public speaking, debate, negotiation and analytical writing. A Model UN conference will be held in December at Ballard to prepare members for outside conferences


    Men's Lacrosse

    Student President/Leader: Guss Simpson |
    Coach: TBA 
    Meets: Every day after school monthly in fall and during spring
    Location: AC

    Mountain Bike

    Student President/Leader: Jessica Darlington |
    Advisor: John Foster |
    Meets: After School
    Location: NW205

    Multicultural Club

    Student President/Leaders: Trinity Cho |, Felicia Peleaz
    Advisor: Suanne Kauffman |
    Meets: Wednesdays after school
    Location: S100


    Music - Band

    Student President/Leader: Elora Morrison |
    Advisor: Michael James |
    Meets: Various
    Location: NE221


    Music - Choir

    Student President/Leader: Sophia Konugres |
    Advisor: Courtney Rowley |
    Meets: Various
    Location: NE224


    Music - Orchestra

    Student President/Leader: Ethan Doshi |
    Advisor: TBA | 
    Meets: Various
    Location: PAC


    National History Day Club

    Student President/Leader: Aneesa Roidad |
    Advisor: Shawn Lee |
    Meets: Contact Leader
    Location: S115

    For students interested in history. Will create projects to compete in regional History Day competitions.


    National Honors Society (NHS)

    Student President/Leader: Addison Baker |
    Advisor: Jack Thompson |
    Meets: 1x per month
    Location: S106

    It is a national organization that focuses on scholarship, leadership, service and character. Members are required to keep at least a 3.5 GPA and complete a minimum of 15 community service hours per semester.


    Ocean Health Club

    Student President/Leader: Riley Hill |
    Advisor: Noam Gundle |
    Meets: After school
    Location: NW217

    Participate in fun activities and challenges to learn and spread awareness of issues affecting the health and sustainability of the marine environment.


    Orange Juice Club

    Student President/Leader: Olivia Balaban |
    Advisor: April McKenna |
    Location: SW100

    We discuss orange juice and organize activities based on orange juice


    Outdoors Club

    Student President/Leader: Tera Richardson |
    Advisor: Carol Faust |
    Meets: Mondays - 3:45
    Location: S101


    Philosophy & Ethics Club

    Student President/Leader: Lily Stoltozfuz |
    Advisor: Kristin Storey |
    Meets: Thursdays at 3:40-5:00
    Location: SW104

    We will consider the moral and ethical issues of specific case studies in preparation for the competitive ethics bowl event held at the UW.


    Photography Club

    Student President/Leaders: Katie Lynch |, Julia Haworth |
    Advisor: Gina O’Neill |
    Meets: Mondays @ 3:40
    Location: SW126


    Plant Club

    Student President/Leader: Mitra Shafii |
    Advisor: India Carlson |
    Meets: Tuesdays
    Location: NW203


    Project Unify (Unified Sports & Drama)

    Student President/Leader: Ruston Davies |
    Advisors: Robyn Maddess |, Emily Turner
    Meets: 1-2 days per week for practices in each season
    Location: SW208 or Gym

    A partnership with Special Olympics of Washington where students with and without disabilities partner together to practice and compete in Robotics, Drama, Basketball, & Soccer


    R.A.N.T. Club

    Student President/Leader: Grace Stromatt |
    Advisors: Carol Faust |
    Meets: Thursdays at 3:40
    Location: S101

    Complaining and debating with a purpose. Bring in ideas local to global that you want to discuss, debate, and come up with solutions and actions.


    SLAM Club - Student Learning About Mental Health

    Student President/Leader: Alexis Johnson | Advisor: Chelsea Clark |
    Meets: Wednesdays after school
    Location: AC

    The mission of the club is to perform suicide prevention activities and raise awareness about the problem of teen suicide. Planned activities include: classroom presentations at BHS and local middle schools; coordinating and planning Suicide Prevention Week and distributing leaflets and posters. After-school participation earns volunteer service hours.



    Spanish Club

    Student President/Leaders: Jennifer Espin |, Ana Mendoza Ramos |
    Advisor: Dulce Lopez Madrid |
    Meets: Thursdays
    Location: S201


    STAR - Students and Teachers Against Racism

    Student President/Leader: Skala Leake |
    Advisor: Taryn Coe |
    Meets: Wednesdays both lunches
    Location: SW202, SW107


    Table Top Games Club

    Student President/Leader: Daylin Faille |
    Advisor: Shelley Vertucci |
    Meets: After School Tues/Wed
    Location: S216

    We participate in an assortment of table-top and board games.


    The Talisman (newspaper)

    Student President/Leaders: Jackson Croy |, Eleanor Dudley
    Advisor: Michael Smith |
    Meets: 5th period class and after school every day
    Location: SW122, also in SW102 when necessary

    In addition to Journalism class, meets before school, at lunch, and after school.


    The Shingle (yearbook)

    Student President/Leader: Jessica Lueck |
    Advisor: Michael Smith |
    Meets: 4th period and after school every day
    Location: SW122

    The Shingle records the history of the school year in photos and text.


    Unicycle Club

    Student President/Leaders: Xiwang Clements |
    Advisor: Mr. Foster |
    Meets: Tuesdays after school
    Location: NW205

    Meet new people and learn how to unicycle in a fun and supportive setting, pros and beginners welcome (feel free to bring your own unicycle if you have one).


    Unity for Change

    Student President/Leaders: Annelise Bowser |, Isabel Norlen
    Advisor: April McKenna |
    Meets: Wednesdays after school
    Location: SW100


    Women's Lacrosse

    Student President/Leader: Rachel Howell |
    Coach: Suzanne Replinger |
    Meets: 5-7pm Monday - Friday in the Spring
    Location: BHS Field



    WSI - War Survivors Institute 

    Student President/Leader: Olivia Evidon |
    Advisor: Jack Thompson |
    Meets: Thursdays at 8 AM
    Location: S108

    Members lead fundraisers to help refugees and learn about the refugee situation through research projects.


    Young Democratic Socialists of America

    Student President/Leaders: Logan Couch |, Isabelle Pampenelli |
    Advisor: Kira Franz-Knight |
    Meets: Thursdays
    Location: S105