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    Ballard High School ASB Information

    Welcome to the Ballard Associated Student Body (ASB) information page. 


    We, the students of Ballard High School, establish this Constitution for the purposes of guiding student government and the activities program; to create a unified community; and to enhance communication and cooperation amongst the students, staff, and administration. We believe that students should have the opportunity to become involved in representative student government and have a voice in making decisions.


    ASB Elections 2018 - 2019

    Get to know your candidates!

    Voter’s Guide

    Required Question: A common theme in student government is inclusion, making students feel like they are an involved member of their school and community. As a member of student government, what will you do to make students feel involved and connected to their school?

    In addition, all candidates were asked to answer 3 of the following questions:
    1. What team aspects can you bring to ASB?
    2. How are you involved at Ballard High School?
    3. If elected, how would you promote school spirit?
    4. What is your favorite thing about Ballard High School?
    5. If elected, how would you help make students feel welcome at school?
    6. What is a specific cause or event that you feel passionate about at Ballard?

    *Please read carefully through the voter’s guide before making your decision.
    Primary elections are on Wed, March 28. 
    General elections are on 
    2021 - Mon, April 2  | 2020 Tues, April 3 | 2019 - Thurs, April 5.

    Always Serving Ballard


    Your student ID card becomes an ASB card when you have the ASB sticker attached to your card.  ASB cards can be purchased for $ 35.00 in the Activity Center or on-line on the Source with SchoolPay.

    BHS Activity Card - $35.00 - Why Buy an Activity Card?
    • To receive free admission to BHS home games
    • To be able to play on a Ballard athletic team or perform in a music group
    • To get a discount on the price of a Yearbook and activities like school dances.


    ASB Constitution pdf icon

    ASB Activity Approval and Reconciliation Instructions pdf icon

    ASB Activity Approval and Reconciliation Form pf icon

    School Dance Information