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    Assessments, Testing & Scores Information

    Welcome to the Assessment & Testing page. Here you will find helpful dates and information about the different kinds of testing that happen for students over the course of their four years at Ballard. Please check back regularly for updates to this page.

    Contact Lisa Coacher the Academic Intervention Specialist at email: opens on all email client applications or 206-252-1107 with any questions or concerns regarding testing at Ballard High School.


    PSAT 2017 Information and Score Reporting For All Sophomores & Juniors
    PSAT LogoParents & Students: For helpful information on understanding student's PSAT scores and how students can use them to prepare for the SAT. The SAT will be offered to all Juniors on March 7th at Ballard High School.

    PSAT Results
    will be released online on Dec 11th. Students who took the PSAT on Oct. 11th will need to log onto their College Board Account in order to view their scores. If you would like to learn more about how to understand your scores, get tips for preparing for the SAT or need assistance with your College Board account, come to the Ballard Counseling Center. BHS counselors are there to help.

    For more information for Parent and Students about PSAT results

    Visit for general information regarding the PSAT.
    For official PSAT practice visit

    Ballard High School Testing Schedule for 2017-2018

    • Tentative date for the PSAT (all 10th & 11th) Oct 11 at BHS.
    • SAT (all 11th) on March 7.
      Contact Lisa Coacher at with any questions.
    • For Test Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2017-18 visit these sites for the SAT Collegeboard and the ACT.

    SAT logo png

    SAT Registration and Test Dates
    Test Date
    Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
    Registration by
    Deadline = $45,
    $57 = w/essay
    LATE Registration
    Online-Only $73,
    $85 w/essay
    October 7

    September 8

    September 27
    November 4

    October 5

    October 25
    December 2

    November 2

    November 21
    March 10 (no subject)

    February 9

    February 28
    May 5

    April 6

    April 25
    June 2

    May 3

    May 23

    ACT Logo
    ACT Registration and Test Dates
    Test Date Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
    Registration by Deadline = $39,50, w/writing = $56.50
    LATE Registration = $64.50, w/writing = $81.50
    September 9

    August 4

    August 5 - 18
    October 28

    September 22

    Sept 22 - Oct 6
    December 9

    November 3

    November 4 - 17
    February 10

    January 12

    January 13 - 19
    April 14

    March 9

    March 10 - 23
    June 9
      May 4
      May 5 - 18

    AP logo png

    AP Exam Schedule 2018

    AP students wanting to take an AP Exam must register and pay on the BHS AP Registration site between January 5 - February 28. Estimated cost $100 per exam.


    AP Resources: Here is a link to the AP College Board Preparing for your AP Exams:

    For additional info about AP visit:

    8 a.m.

    12 p.m.
    May 7


    May 8

    Spanish Language

    May 9

    English Literature & Composition (12th)

    May 10 

    US Government & Politics

    May 11   

    US History

    Studio Art - 8 p.m. EDT
    May 14
    May 15
      Calculus AB
    Calculus BC
    Computer Science
    May 16
      English Literature & Composition (11th)
    May 17
      World History


    AP scores will be released on Saturday, July 8, 2017. Students will need to log on to their College Board account and they will need to use their AP number to access their scores. Students have been given their AP number on a small ID card from their Student Pack. They should continue to keep this card through the summer.
    Contact Lisa Coacher the Academic Intervention Specialist with any questions at or 206-252-1107.

    SAT and ACT Testing Dates

    Contact: Lisa Coacher at with any questions.

    If students would like another opportunity to take the SAT after the free opportunity that was offered at Ballard on March 1, 2017, they must register themselves using their College Board access account.   Visit for additional SAT or for information on registering for the ACT Test.

    SAT Information - March 2017

    Contact: Kelly Flanagan, College Career Specialist at BHS at with any questions. Students can also use Khan Academy to link their SAT scores to free, online test preparation at the Official SAT Practice site at

    SAT Test Results | All Juniors who took the March School Day SAT (3/1) will receive their scores via email on Tuesday, March 28th. Students will need to log onto their College Board account or will need to create an account at if they don’t already have one in order to view their scores. They should be sure to use their legal name as used on official school documents. Using a "nickname" or shortening their name will prevent them from viewing their scores. If students would like to learn more about how to understand their scores, get tips for preparing for the SAT or need assistance with their College Board account, they can come to the Ballard Counseling Center. BHS counselors are there to help. 

    Reference Information

    How Did Your Student Do Last Year on State Exams?

    To find out how your student did on state testing last year, go to the Student Portal at the top of the website and log on to the Source.  On your student’s Source page, click on Assessments. View your student’s Smarter Balanced Assessment scores for English Language Arts (ELA) and MA on View State Assessment Scores link.  If your student took the Biology, Algebra or Geometry EOC, you can find their scores on the View End of Course Scores link.  

    SBA in ELA & Math Information

    All 11th graders are required by the Federal Government to take the SBA in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, unless they previously passed the test as 10th graders. lf Students would like to get familiar with the format of the Smarter Balanced Assessment they can go to the SBA Practice Test.

    Practice Test Link Tips: Select "Take the Practice and Training Tests" icon.  Use "Guest Settings" on Sign In page.  Choose "Start ELA HS Training Test" for Language Arts and "Start Math HS Training Test" for Math.  On the "Choose Settings" prompt leave settings; click Select.

    Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Resources

    Informational Video Links

    Understanding Your PSAT Scores:

    SAT Practice and Scores:

    How to Link Your College Board & Khan Academy PSAT Accounts:

    Visit the SPS Assessment and Testing webpage