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    Breaking News!

    -> New! Fri, Dec 15 | Final Order date

    Seniors if you haven't ordered grad products (announcements, Cap & Gown) the final order is due Dec 15, 2017. Call National Achiever Services at 1-866-238-5336

    Please visit the below pages OFTEN for important information on college visits, scholarship opportunities, assessment dates as well as service learning updates.

    View & Print The Senior Important Date List

    Ballard Seniors Applying to College: If you are applying to college and have questions about your application, college list, essay, FAFSA, etc. COME TO THE COMPUTER LAB IN THE LIBRARY AFTER SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAYS! Ms. Flanagan will answer questions & make sure you have access to a computer to work on your applications from 2:20 pm -3:55 pm. 


    Visit the Assessments and Testing page for important updates regarding SAT & ACT test dates and AP Testing information.  

    Visit the College Information & Scholarships page for new information on college visits and newly posted scholarships.   

    Visit the BHS Publications page for issues of the BHS News & more!

    Visit the Service Learning page for Service Learning deadlines. Refer to the Senior Service Learning FAQ Flyer for important dates.

    Visit the Senior Calendar for senior specific events and the Ballard Calendar for a complete listing of all Ballard School Events.

    Senior Resource Forms | 2017-18

    Seniors College Planning Dates & Reminders
    Letters of Recommendation (Student Info Sheet)
    College Application and Deadline List
    Senior Year College & Post High School Planning

    Service Learning FAQ for Seniors and Due Dates
    Senior Yearbook Photo & Grad Ad Info

    Senior Resume Sample

    Parents Guide to Completing the FAFSA

    Senior Checkout Form
    Senior Checkout Form Schedule

    1st Semester Academic Deadlines 2017-18 pdf icon
    2nd Semester Academic Deadlines 2017-18 pdf icon

    Graduation is June 18, 2018 at 8:00PM

    Ballard High School Graduation in on Monday, June 18, 2018 at Memorial Stadium at 8:00 PM.  Senior arrival time TBA.

    In addition there is a mandatory practice run through that morning at Memorial Stadium at TBA. Students are responsible for finding their own way to the practice. 

     Families do not need tickets for graduation. There is plenty of seating available. 

    SPS High School Graduation List

    Running Start

    Running Start students must take full responsibility for keeping up-to-date on what's happening at Ballard High School, including important dates and deadlines (PSAT Tests, Winter Ball, Senior Prom, Ordering Graduation Supplies, Graduation Rehearsal Dates and Times, Senior Meetings and any other Senior related event). To stay up to date about Ballard High School key dates, sign up for the BHS Newsletter or email 

    Visit the BHS News Publications and stay informed of deadlines. 


    Spree candyroll jpgNew!  We are looking for a SPREE Coordinator/Committee for this year in order for SPREE 2018 to happen. Please email for more details.

    Senior SPREE
    has been a Ballard High School tradition for 26 years! - it is an ALL NIGHT graduation party designed by the seniors and hosted, produced, and chaperoned by proud BHS parents and staff in collaboration with a professional graduation company, Grad Nights - a company that specialized in these specific nights. The locations are kept secret to surprise and protect the seniors from all outside interference; however, input from the seniors themselves will help us select the entertainment & activities so they can design the party they want. Our hope is every Senior will attend!  EXAMPLE OF PRIOR SPREE INFO FLYER. The actual cost for this unique event is about $195 per person; however, PTSA fundraising helps to reduce this ticket price and creates scholarships for seniors who could use the support in order to attend. The Student BHS Planners are one of the PTSA fundraising activities; they are available in the office.

    Scholarships are available; please see your school counselor.


    Email: Co-chairs: TBA |Mail: BHS PTSA, P.O. Box 17912, Seattle, WA 98127 | More Info and fun facts from PRIOR YEARS: 

    SPREE Forms

    SPREE Annual Senior All Night Party Info | SPREE Senior Class Graduation Party Agreement 2018 | SPREE Allergy Awareness Form | SPREE Food Emergency Care Plan 

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