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    Welcome to Ballard HS College Information and Scholarships.   You will find upcoming events related to parents/guardians as well as seniors surrounding getting ready to apply at colleges. You will also find a link to a complete College Visits at Ballard High School and a link to the most current SPS and BHS Scholarship Bulletin opportunities.


    Attention Juniors!

    Ballard HS is hosting a College Fair with general information sessions on Tuesday, March 27th. The fair will be held in the Commons from 6-7pm, with rotating information sessions from 7-8pm, which will be held in classrooms. The event concludes at 8pm. Information sessions will cover the following topics: WUE/Out of State Options, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Public/Private Universities, Liberal Arts, and 2 year to 4 year transfers.

    Visit the College Visit page for more information and a list of participating colleges.

    All grade levels are welcome but the information will be targeted to juniors.

    View the College Visit Schedule

    Ballard High School College Visit and Event Schedule 
    Please sign up in the notebook on the College/Career Specialist’s desk, for the visits that interest you. Write yourself a pass (available inside the notebook). On the day of the visit, show the pass to your teacher and ask for permission to attend. The workshops will be held in the Counseling Center unless otherwise noted. We will take attendance and give the list to the Attendance Secretary to excuse your class absence. 

    View SPS & BHS Scholarship Bulletin Opportunities 

     Visit the Scholarship Bulletin page for up-to-date SPS & BHS Scholarship opportunities.


    Paying For Collage & FAFSA Application Info | Keep up to date with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.  Visit the SPS Paying For College page for additional information.
    -> The Parent's Guide to Completing The FAFSA - This guide helps families walk through step by step completing the FAFSA.

    -> Seniors take a look at the Collegewise Guide to Completing the CommonApp. It is a good resource for students when completing the Common Application.  It's free, from the college admissions information website Collegewise.

    -> Seniors take a look at the Tufts Blogs and Activity List Tips on making your Application better.