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Ballard HS Spring Football Info | Letters and Updates From Coach Humphries
Posted on 05/16/2017


Dear Ballard Football Families and Friends | We are 10 days away from our Varsity/JV Spring practices! All rising Sophomores-Seniors need to turn their paperwork in prior to May 30th. Physicals are current for two years. If your player needs a physical they can get one for free via the Teen Health Center at BHS. All you need to do is make an appointment. Our amazing Athletic Secretary, Kim Nickerson, has compiled the paperwork for all BHS sports! That means you can fill out the necessary paperwork and be good to go for the entire 2017-18 school year!

Here is the complete Athletic Packet | In addition to the paperwork all players need a girdle and a combination lock for their football lockers. If you need assistance with both or either of these items please let me know ASAP.

July 5-8th our Varsity/JV will be attending the Gridiron of Champions camp at the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia. The cost of camp is $300. It is important that we bring as many players to this camp as possible. It is a great opportunity for team building as well as a chance to compete against multiple schools. The cost of camp may not be affordable to every family so if you are able to partially or fully sponsor another player please let me know ASAP. Also, if camp is not affordable for your family please let me know ASAP so we can make a plan.

Here is the Team Camp Registration

Our Eastbay Store Team Shop ends this Monday (5/22). Take a look and buy some Ballard Football merchandise! Our team code is OFTSBLDF

Also, we have roughly 9 incoming freshman and 8 youth players signed up for our camps. We would love to triple those numbers! Please pass on our information on these camps!  BHS Youth Camp Flyer

We are done with our morning workouts until after Team Camp. Monday after school we are maxing! The players have worked extremely hard and we anticipate major gains in their strength and confidence! I know sometimes teenagers have a difficult time sharing information with their parent/guardians but I'm sure if you ask, they would love to share their successes with you!

In case you do not already have it. Here is our Varsity/JV spring/summer Schedule.

Thank you so much for your support!

Go Beavers! | Ross Humphries |

May 20, 2017 | Link to Letter From Coach Humphries | Athletic Forms

Dear Ballard Football Families and Friends | With Spring ball just around the corner there are a few items that I wanted to share with you. First our team store is now open and it will run until next Sunday May 14th. Here players and families can purchase Ballard Football apparel as well as cleats, gloves, and a girdle. We are doing our team store through Eastbay this year. Our store is discounted 30% off of retail and the orders ship directly to your residence! Here is the Team Store Flyer and Team Store Website! This week we will be sending players home with the athletic paperwork packets for next year. They need to be completed prior to spring practices. Physicals are good for two years. If your player needs a physical, that also needs to be completed prior to practice. The Teen Health Center at BHS offers free physicals, all you need to do is fill out the form and schedule an appointment. I will also send an email next week with the athletic packets once the school has put them together. Our Youth Camp is about a month away! Please help us spread the word and get families signed up! Here is a link to the Youth Camp information. The energy surrounding the program right now is at an all time high! The players are excited and have been extremely committed this off-season. Each day seems to get better and better! The staff and myself are very proud to work with such an amazing bunch of young men and we are anxious to be able to coach them on the field in just a few short weeks!

I know without your support at home our job would be much more difficult. Thank you for your continued support of Ballard Football!

Go Beavers! | Ross Humphries

Dear Ballard Football Families and Friends | It is amazing how fast 2017 is flying by, we are roughly two months away from Spring Football! There are some really great things going on in the program that I want to spotlight. We have about 50 players on our JV/Varsity roster and over half of them are competing for Ballard in a Spring Sport! From what I've been told this is the biggest turnout of football players for other sports in a long time. Even though we have so many players competing in other sports it has not heavily impacted our weight room attendance or development. We have started a morning lift that about ten of our spring sport students have been attending and still have 12-15 players attend our after school program. This commitment to the weight room has helped us come closer as a team and individually players have seen tremendous gains in their strength and confidence! Thank you to those that have been able to donate money for protein. It has been great to be able to give our players a protein bar/shake immediately after their workout or practice!

Our league, the Metro league, has realigned. They have decided to tier the 18 schools based off of records over the last couple years. We have been placed in the 2nd tier or Sound Division.  April and May is the evaluation period for college football programs. That means that dozens of programs will be reaching out in person or via email asking me about our college prospects. I sent our players a message yesterday but want to let you know as well. If your player has any interest in playing college football at any level then there are two things he needs to do this week. First go to the College Counseling office and get a release of transcript form that will need a parent/guardian signature. Then return the form, ask for a printed transcript, and then give it to me. This will allow me to give academic information to the college coaches. Second, they should create a highlight video on Hudl. It only needs to be 5-10 plays. Regardless of your players age it is a good idea for them to do this so we can get their potential recruitment process started.  Our Spring calendar is finished! This will give you our practice/workout information from tomorrow all the way up to our first day of practice in August. I have decided to use Google Calendar this year instead of a physical calendar. This will allow me to easily update the calendar and for you to have the most recent information. If you prefer you can still print the calendar as a PDF. The link below will take you to the calendar. If you already use Google Calendar let me know and I can share the calendar with you so it syncs with your other calendars.

I want to make sure we are all on the same page with Spring camp. To get gear for spring the player needs to be academically eligible (above a 2.0 GPA and passing 5/6 classes) and needs to have attended at least 70% of our off-season workouts. Our players have been told about this expectation. If you play another sport for Ballard you receive 100% attendance during that season. The 70% includes excused absences. Currently the criteria for an excused absence is incredibly easy. The player must communicate the absence with me prior to missing the event. That is it! We have one player who has not attended a single workout this off-season because of a packed schedule during our lifting days, but this player sent me a text every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday telling me he wasn't going to make weights. Now he is playing baseball for Ballard. As far as we are concerned he has 100% attendance and is eligible to receive gear for Spring Ball because of his communication. There is only a small handful of players who are below 70% currently. If you would like to know where your player currently stands please let me know.

Spring Calendar | This year we will be able to have a youth camp! We are going to have two camps the first will be a youth camp for players that are going into the 2nd-7th grade. The other camp will be specifically for incoming freshman. The cost of the camp is $80 for four days. For our families that have younger children that are going to attend camp we have an incentive program. If you bring one family to the camp your price goes down to $40 if you bring two families your family can attend the camp for free! When the families register online make sure they indicate you referred them. Our primary goal for this camp is to promote our program and get as many campers out as we can! The camp flyer and online registration is below.

2017 Youth Camp Flyer |Recently I was approached by a fundraising company with a fundraiser that I am intrigued by. I asked them to create a flyer explaining the fundraiser so I could pitch it to our families. I'm not going to explain it, I will let the handout do the work. I am undecided if we should do this fundraiser. If we buy in to it I think it could be an easy way for us to make money without much effort but it would take a lot of buy in. Please look at the handout explaining the fundraiser and then complete the survey on the second link. The survey is short and will help guide my decision about the fundraiser and also football merchandise.

APay Fundraiser Letter | We are excited to be starting our APay fundraiser! The APay product will help our team raise money, while providing you and our supporters the ability to earn cash back on everyday purchases. It's like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay but you earn cash back and help our program!

Short Survey | Over the last few years in Seattle high school sports we have seen more programs turn to unethical practices to try and win a few more games. We have seen this most in football and basketball where Coaches or people close to the program reach out to high school families that are enrolled at another high school and try to convince them that it would be better for them to transfer to their school, many times this is with empty promises of playing time or college exposure. There is very clear rules against recruiting players. Unfortunately it has come to my attention that we have had players contacted by other schools. If your family is approached or has been approached by another school please let me know. It is important I hear about these things so we can get out infront of it.

I am very confident in the way we are building this program and how we are working to develop our players both on and off the field. If you have any concerns please reach out to me and we can work through them!  Last week I was at a coaches clinic and a good friend of mine was speaking. He talked about program development and in his talk he perfectly summed up the partnership that the parent/guardian and coaches have in developing our students:

"As parents and coaches, we are called to have high standards for our kids, encourage them through the process, teach them to stick with it, be resilient, and love them through their formation. Being their buddies, teaching them short cuts, and the grass is greener mentality, only sets them up for failure as grown men and women, when what's at stake is significantly bigger than games".

Finally, if you have social media I would encourage you to like/follow us. We put out stuff daily!

Facebook: Ballard Beaver Football
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I know there is a lot of information in this email but I think that all of it was important to put out now. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you all so much for your continued support of Ballard Football!

Go Beavers! | Ross Humphries |
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