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    How Does Your Direct Appeal Donation Make An Impact? | November 2016
    Posted on 11/05/2016
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    As we settle into the 2016/2017 school year, many of you may be asking how you can help make an impact for Ballard High School. We know that the requests for your time and funds can be intimidating. I can remember having a BHS Freshman 3 years ago, wading through all of the different communications and requests wondering, where do I start?

    One way you can make an immediate impact is to participate in the Ballard High School PTSA Direct Appeal. You'll be getting more information coming in the mail these next few days- look for a letter from Ballard High School.

    What is the Direct Appeal?
    One of the primary methods that the PTSA supports Ballard High School is through the raising of funds for academic grants for teachers and staff. We gave out nearly $70K in academic support grants last year. These grants are used to support the infrastructure and provide the tools required to provide the best education possible to our Ballard High School student population.

    But because we had great success in supporting the school last year doesn't mean we will match that this year. It all comes back to support from all of you in the Ballard Community. Supporting a school with a growing population of nearly 1,900 students is not easy, and it is even more challenging in an uncertain funding climate from the state.

    How can I contribute?
    We are raising funds for academic support grants through the Direct Appeal campaign. We have made donating easier than ever with our online donation form on the Ballard PTSA website at We are asking you to contribute any amount, from $5 to $5000. No amount is too small or insignificant.

    And note, all donations are tax deductible. If you work for a company that matches charitable contributions (e.g. Microsoft matches at 100%), than donating to the Direct Appeal campaign will be eligible for a corporate match. Last year, 15% of contributions were through corporate matching. Talk to your HR department for more details. You will just need to provide the Ballard High School PTSA Tax ID (#91-1303069) and note on your donation that it is for the Direct Appeal campaign.

    Thank You!

    Thank you so much for supporting Ballard High School. It takes ongoing support from the Ballard community to make Ballard High School a great learning environment for our kids.

    Joel Niemeyer
    President, Ballard High School PTSA & BHS Alumnus
    Thank you for supporting Ballard High School!

    About the Ballard High School PTSA:

    The Ballard High School PTSA is an educational enrichment and advocacy group that emphasizes cultivating an excellent education environment for all Ballard High School Students. We do this through family and community engagement, advocating that all students have access to the resources, tools and support needed for the best education possible. You can learn more about how you can get involved with the PTSA at